Wednesday, March 24, 2010

scooter rides from lola.

good grief- that last post had a seriously debbie downer vibe. sorry about that. happy to say that the insurance company finally agreed to fix the damage on the car but the dishwasher is still toast. i'm sure glad maytags makes appliances to last 3-4 years. guess we should have opted for the $3000 version instead of the junky $600 version. oh well, life goes on. this past saturday afternoon was terrific. i was able to finally spend some time in the yard with the kids. it's nice having built in play mates right across the street. lola was loving her push a long scooter. after pushing it along for awhile, she decided to give her friend with great hair a ride.

i am really enjoying the warmer, sunnier, spring weather and looking forward to spring break next week... we've been debating between the olympic national forest (super incredible rain forest with gorgeous trees.. but wet this time of year) or southern utah/bryce canyon/grand canyon deserty trip. i would love to take cody to see where i was born and he's been wanting to see the grand canyon forever... so pretty down there with the turquoise water and red rocks.

totally contrasting landscapes. we always go over to seattle for spring break to visit with the fam(which we love!) and i think this would be a good time of year to take advantage of mild climate in southern utah instead of super hot in the summer. maybe we'll go check out the rain forest when its warmer and drier later this summer. :)


jen said...

I'll let you know how the rainforest is this time of year. :) We leave next Thursday!

Wonderland Girl said...

I vote for Vernal. That was an option, right??

Jordan said...

Don't forget Mt. Rainier. It still has snow up there, but late spring/early summer is awesome. Let us know if you decide on visiting it. I think we decided that Utah would be too quick of a trip for Spring break and are hitting up Seaside instead.

Darla said...

Wow, those trees are AMAZING!!, but I'd choose SOuthern Utah. It'd be perfect this time of year!!