Friday, April 23, 2010

boutique hotels are fun.

ummmmm, can i please stay here at the nines hotel in portland soon? this place looks awesome. i'm well over due for a weekend trip with merv.

we stayed at the moore downtown in seattle. the rooms are a little mediocre the parking is awful but the hotel was in kind of a fun location, especially if your lucky and stay on a night when someone super rad in playing (like pj harvey! the tickets sold out before we could get them....) in the theater below. we weren't so lucky. we stayed the night the wiggles were in town. we had no idea who the crap the wiggles were at the time.
also right here in the lovely downtown spokane, the montvale is high up on the list.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

led zeppelin.

i'm die hard led zeppelin fan and have been since i was maybe 15, much to my mothers disappointment. she believes all the old tales that they play devil music. ;) maybe they do? i've had to take breaks from listening to them over the years to steer clear of total burnout, plus they aren't always the best kids tunes and sometimes downright depressing and make me melancholy-down-memory-road-i-don't-want-to-go-down. they played a pretty pivotal role during my formative music loving years.

i remember shelling $120 a piece for golden circle tickets to go see jimmy page and robert plant play at the incredible gorge amphitheater (a must see venue on your to do list!!)maybe 12 or 13 years ago with an old boyfriend. that must have been like my whole months wages at the time... i remember the morning the tickets went on sale it was a lottery draw so i had my entire family come with me to get numbers so i had a better chance at being up first in line. i ended up like 6th.. such good team players. thanks fam. have i told this story before?

so the night of the show, the sun was setting it was cool summer night and dreamy...accept the guy i was with was kind of being kind of a complete idiot. we were much better friend than lovers. ;) wish it would have been someone else.

but the band? they didn't disappoint and robert plant still wore those same insanely low tight jeans. gag... merv wore the shirt i got from the concert to work for years until it finally shredded. always giving away the old concert shirts. i had the worlds best pearl jam tshirt but i gave it to a good home...

i'm usually very skeptical of covers but i came across this super amazing acoustic-bluegrass version. so pretty and a little eiry. but its making the workload much smoother today.

the cover art is way cheesy, but don't let that fool you. (and who buys the actual cd anymore anyway?...) its great. especially the songs: d'yer mak'er & all of my love.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

april pictures.

cody finally lost his tooth. i thought i would have to pull it out in his sleep, but he was wrestling with one of his cousins and that did the trick.

we dyed dozens of eggs this year as usual. my kitchen table is permanatly stained so i'm painting it black like everything else made out of wood in my life. i don't know what my deal is with the black paint these days.
brinley wins the golden ticket with the best graphics: thumbs up for sure.
so, a few summers ago a good friend deanne, told us about this yardsale newport has every year. i scored this old timey roll down classroom map. its been stored in the basement ever since i drug it home hoping to someday hang it in the staircase. my very, very tall brother in law mike was over and helped merv put it up for me. it's completely obsolete and i love it. way bigger in real life than the pictures show too. now i can play school any time i like. cody & lola don't seem to mind pretending to be my students.

cody is obsessed with all things natural disaster/weather especially tornadoes and hurricanes. pretty frequently he asks if he can get on the weather channel website, you tube to see real live tornado action. then he likes to tell us about them long.

merv had a good birthday i hope. i was domestic and made pink cupcakes. with the one lone candle i could scrounge.
then we went down to the elk and grubbed on their awesome chicken sandwiches and macaroni pasta. so good. and only five minutes away. if you live in spokane, go eat there. after, we had planned to see a movie but we are old and lame just like the people in the movie date night, which by the way is pretty funny.... 'specially the car scene.

"are you having a good birthday, merv??"

"the best!!"
"do you feel so old?? maybe as old as that guy over there?"
"not quite, but there's a girl peeking over your shoulder...."
"gee, lets blow this popsicle joint."

i decided at the last, last, last minute to run the susan g koman race for the cure 5k this morning. here, i was hoping janae would get my last minute text. "please, please, please text me back so i don't have to run alone. all of my other last minute running friends don't feel like running or won't answer their phones..." i don't know why it was even an issue. i run alone most every day anyway....hmmmmmmm.
....but no cigar so merv and the kids dropped me off parked and met me at the finish line 1/2 hour later. it was pretty good times.

my cousin pointed out how fast must i have been going to pass up all the jogger strollers and walkers in this hardcore photo. i felt like i was going much faster at the time i guess.... it makes me laugh to look at it that way. they actually have it set up as a one mile walk or a 5k run, so i guess that makes me slightly less moronic, right?

****and the official count down to kami's wedding is on. less than a week... geez louis! and i thought she would never get married. she is one of a kind for sure. looking forward to emberassing the pants off of her at her bachelorette party later this week.

we have many good memories together, being the 2 youngest. one summer when we were maybe 18 and 20(?) she talked me into driving all of the way to san antonio texas from spokane to pick her up from basic training. the problem was that i had a plane to catch back in spokane a week from the day i left. so i drove all the way down and back in a week. in hot hot july. it was a non-stop fast trip but it was a blast. i'll never forget spending a night in the nastiest part of the el paso/juarez mexico area alone on the way down. yikes!! i'm still thankful i wasn't kidnapped and never heard from again.

Friday, April 16, 2010


dear merv,

wow! 4 years to 40 hotcakes. we're getting old but i love you more & more every single year as you refine into a better version of yourself.

love, julie.

Monday, April 5, 2010

grand canyon.

so, the trip was super fun. arah and i earned a score of c+ as travel partners. we only moderately drove each other insane. the true test of a relationship is a road trip. i've always believed this. if your wondering of you picked the right partner in life, take a road trip with them. if you survive, then you'll probably do just fine. :) and i learned that i like to intentionally look like an idiot in most photos by making a dumb face...

so, i absolutely loved zion national park. touristy i know, but great time of year to visit. very mild weather (i think it got up to 80?) and not too packed to enjoy (unlike yellowstone a few summers back, enjoyable but beyond crowded.) plenty of mild hiking for youngsters.

the kids loved the fact that our hotel had a little dry river bed running behind it full of red clay. they played in it for hours making mud balls and mud pies. maybe this is a right of passage. we did the same thing growing up in the nevada desert.

i've been to grand canyon several times- the last with kami over 10 years ago. but maybe i was too young too fully appreciate the hugeness of it. truly amazing and a sight to see. the first thing that popped into my head as we saw it was, "how many people fall off of this thing??" obviously i'm not the only one because as soon as we walked into the bookshop a display was set up with the book, "death in the grand canyon". i couldn't resist buying it. i have hardly been able to put it down. morbid, i know- but fascinating. human nature is strange. most documented accidents in the grand canyon have been purely preventable. merv made me promise that i would keep lola duct taped to me at all times. i did. well, i kept her in the kelty pack 100% of the time. cody was happy to stay far away from the edge and kept pointing out all the people standing to close to the edge.

we stayed in page,az for a night to check out the old stomping grounds and where arah and i were both born. it's changed. a lot. not the town so much, but the old neighborhood and house. too chilly to hang out in lake powell but we drove down and let the kids collect super duper cool rocks near the beach. if your ever passing through this part of the country and want to see something awesome, go see the antelope slot canyon. so incredible, and possibly the best part of the entire trip. (accept for the insane wind and sand raining on us...) these types of "slot" canyons are creating from flash floods and huge boulders rushing through.

of course, we had to make the traditional stop by the navajo stands for some quality indian souveniers...

we drove back up hoping to stop and see some dear friends in vernal but accidentally missed the turn off and ended up in spanish fork....oops. next time. ;)