Friday, April 23, 2010

boutique hotels are fun.

ummmmm, can i please stay here at the nines hotel in portland soon? this place looks awesome. i'm well over due for a weekend trip with merv.

we stayed at the moore downtown in seattle. the rooms are a little mediocre the parking is awful but the hotel was in kind of a fun location, especially if your lucky and stay on a night when someone super rad in playing (like pj harvey! the tickets sold out before we could get them....) in the theater below. we weren't so lucky. we stayed the night the wiggles were in town. we had no idea who the crap the wiggles were at the time.
also right here in the lovely downtown spokane, the montvale is high up on the list.

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Kera said...

how fun. the mr. & i are due for a trip! we are going somewhere dirty like mexico though :)