Monday, April 5, 2010

grand canyon.

so, the trip was super fun. arah and i earned a score of c+ as travel partners. we only moderately drove each other insane. the true test of a relationship is a road trip. i've always believed this. if your wondering of you picked the right partner in life, take a road trip with them. if you survive, then you'll probably do just fine. :) and i learned that i like to intentionally look like an idiot in most photos by making a dumb face...

so, i absolutely loved zion national park. touristy i know, but great time of year to visit. very mild weather (i think it got up to 80?) and not too packed to enjoy (unlike yellowstone a few summers back, enjoyable but beyond crowded.) plenty of mild hiking for youngsters.

the kids loved the fact that our hotel had a little dry river bed running behind it full of red clay. they played in it for hours making mud balls and mud pies. maybe this is a right of passage. we did the same thing growing up in the nevada desert.

i've been to grand canyon several times- the last with kami over 10 years ago. but maybe i was too young too fully appreciate the hugeness of it. truly amazing and a sight to see. the first thing that popped into my head as we saw it was, "how many people fall off of this thing??" obviously i'm not the only one because as soon as we walked into the bookshop a display was set up with the book, "death in the grand canyon". i couldn't resist buying it. i have hardly been able to put it down. morbid, i know- but fascinating. human nature is strange. most documented accidents in the grand canyon have been purely preventable. merv made me promise that i would keep lola duct taped to me at all times. i did. well, i kept her in the kelty pack 100% of the time. cody was happy to stay far away from the edge and kept pointing out all the people standing to close to the edge.

we stayed in page,az for a night to check out the old stomping grounds and where arah and i were both born. it's changed. a lot. not the town so much, but the old neighborhood and house. too chilly to hang out in lake powell but we drove down and let the kids collect super duper cool rocks near the beach. if your ever passing through this part of the country and want to see something awesome, go see the antelope slot canyon. so incredible, and possibly the best part of the entire trip. (accept for the insane wind and sand raining on us...) these types of "slot" canyons are creating from flash floods and huge boulders rushing through.

of course, we had to make the traditional stop by the navajo stands for some quality indian souveniers...

we drove back up hoping to stop and see some dear friends in vernal but accidentally missed the turn off and ended up in spanish fork....oops. next time. ;)


Darla said...

Fun! I didn't realize you went with Arah and no husbands. Now that's brave (being w/ another woman for that much time). How beautiful your pics are! I love them. I really, REALLY LOVE Zion's, too. We stopped through there on our way to Disneyland around Halloween one year and I have vowed ever since to go back. The colors were gorgeous and I would absolutely live in that little town you pass through before the park. So..., why don't I live in Spokane with you girls so I can go on cool road trips?!
p.s. bought the book, "How to Behave and Why" for Cole. Such a good book.

Marnie said...

You guys got a lot of fun pictures. Way to go on braving a road trip with babies.

I loved Kami's wedding announcement. Tell Kami to post her pictures.

Christy said...

Wow what a lot of fabulous pictures you took! What a fun adventure for you and Arah =)

Joy said...

Great pictures Julie! Glad you guys had a good time. The canyons look amazing. Another great relationship test is to go into business with your significant other...!