Wednesday, April 21, 2010

led zeppelin.

i'm die hard led zeppelin fan and have been since i was maybe 15, much to my mothers disappointment. she believes all the old tales that they play devil music. ;) maybe they do? i've had to take breaks from listening to them over the years to steer clear of total burnout, plus they aren't always the best kids tunes and sometimes downright depressing and make me melancholy-down-memory-road-i-don't-want-to-go-down. they played a pretty pivotal role during my formative music loving years.

i remember shelling $120 a piece for golden circle tickets to go see jimmy page and robert plant play at the incredible gorge amphitheater (a must see venue on your to do list!!)maybe 12 or 13 years ago with an old boyfriend. that must have been like my whole months wages at the time... i remember the morning the tickets went on sale it was a lottery draw so i had my entire family come with me to get numbers so i had a better chance at being up first in line. i ended up like 6th.. such good team players. thanks fam. have i told this story before?

so the night of the show, the sun was setting it was cool summer night and dreamy...accept the guy i was with was kind of being kind of a complete idiot. we were much better friend than lovers. ;) wish it would have been someone else.

but the band? they didn't disappoint and robert plant still wore those same insanely low tight jeans. gag... merv wore the shirt i got from the concert to work for years until it finally shredded. always giving away the old concert shirts. i had the worlds best pearl jam tshirt but i gave it to a good home...

i'm usually very skeptical of covers but i came across this super amazing acoustic-bluegrass version. so pretty and a little eiry. but its making the workload much smoother today.

the cover art is way cheesy, but don't let that fool you. (and who buys the actual cd anymore anyway?...) its great. especially the songs: d'yer mak'er & all of my love.

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nich, nic, and keags! said...

ouch...but I totally agree I would not have met my wife had it not been for that period in my life. For that I will be ever grateful.

It was a good concert though even the guy in front of us with the whole 4th album symbols tattooed onto himself.

Good times.