Monday, May 3, 2010

bloomsday 2010.

every year the group gets a little bigger, we meet up at the beginning and end but everyone trys to out run each other. ha! this year was a blast. except for the one casualty, merv's oldest brother mike blew out his knee at mile 4. ouch! erickson clan,
versus eggleston clan,

the shirts are ugly. i was hoping for yellow. these green ones are right up there with the pumpkin orange and periwinkle blue of years past. super fun over all bloomsday weekend is for sure a highlight of our spring.

my goal. was to beat merv's obviously unbeatable time and to come in at an hour. i didn't do either but i still shaved 6 minutes off of my best ever time. i came in at 69 minuts (my stop watch said 68, but i'll deal with that...) and merv of course being mr. competitive came in at 60 exactly. with no training. ugggggg. i gotta say, i was a little disappointed when i looked down at my stopwatch. i've been running up and down that hill for MONTHS!!! i give up. not really. next year i'll shave off at least 6 more minutes. cody's 58 year old teacher does it the same amount of time. i'm for sure starting at the front of my color next year. fighting your way through hoards of people really kills your time.
traditional perry street cafe post grub. (cody FINALLY lost his tooth!)

every year merv swears he is going to wear a get up like this but he chickens out. he dug this out of my drawer the night before. all he needs are striped tube socks. i'm sure he doesn't mind me sharing his yoga moves.


Kera said...

next year, awesome outfits for all :) i'm in.

Darla said...

Look at you two, posing all sweet. Aaah...(the third of 4th pic from the bottom).