Friday, May 28, 2010

siblings and randomness.

so much going on around here! i've let the blog slide. a lot. but i realize i miss it, it helps me too regroupland reflect on the good things in my life...

can't believe less than 2 weeks of school... really looking forward to this summer, its already cram packed with beach trips, camping, wedding photos, yard renovations, raspberry picking, family reunions and hopefully some sleeping in and playing in the sprinkler. speaking of- they turned on the neato fountain downtown. the kids had a ball. that place is a little hit and miss with the pedophile type pervs hanging around so some days im hesitatnt to let them play there... thankfully this afternoon was a hit.

lola is hilareous. her favorite activities include being really loud ( she goes around yelling "cooodyyyyy???" all day long... )carrying around swimsuits (i think she likes the fabric maybe?) playing in the toilet (sick!!!) and stealing toothbrushes. hopefully not at the same time. also, this week she debuted her first mullet pony tail. cody says it looks like a little bee stinger. i'll have to snap a photo. so she is with 2 suits.
5 of the 6 siblings in my family went on a date the other night (brian lives over in duvall... but i'm really looking forward to seeing him this weekend!) we went to a midnight movie and hot chocolate. it was great and i believe a monthly sib-night is in order. next month brian will be around and we can all go get breakfast or something.

you'll have to excuse me, i may have posted these before, but my family has been on my mind a lot lately especially after spending time together the other night. my mama was so beautiful, wasn't she? i have always thought so. and my dads hair? and the clothes? the best. this photo was before kami or julie. at a reunion i think?
that fat baby in pink is me. erickson family pre kami. look at cute little arah!

we always had matchy matchy dresses and curly hair. this was my big tooth phase. these are some of the people i love the most. even when i do feel like our family is borderline dysfunctional at times, i just wander down memory lane through photos.

i have gobs of photos from my sisters wedding to post one day and all of the family who came.. .there are so many to still go through. soon though!

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Darla said...

Borderline dysfunctional? Yea right! You guys hang out and all live close..that says a lot (I mean, look at my fam). Love the pics, and PLEASE post the wedding pics. I'd love to see them. Oh, and Corinne is a totally hot teenager in that last pic. I always thought so, at least. (;