Tuesday, June 15, 2010

running songs of the week (s?):

i burn out fast with music.

it is a fact that this week i haven't even had my ipod and it hasn't been so bad. shocking for me to run without it. i misplaced the damn thing, i hope. or maybe it fell out at the fred meyer parking lot saturday...? my good friend nikkei runs marathon distances. she runs & trains without music. hmmmm... maybe she's onto something.

metric: help i'm alive
the postal service: such great heights
the killer: human
broken bells: the high road
ani difranco:gravel
lady gagagaga-alejandro (alright, i'm little embarrassed about this one. if i'm ever listening to it in the car, i turn it down when someone walks by. but for running, it's got a gooood beat. i secretly think ALL of her music is great for running...judge away.)


Kera said...

i have gained a few pounds in the last little while and i i blame the fact that i didn't have my ipod and a good beat. i've come to terms that i just can't work out with out music. i can't. today i finally pulled out my old dinosaur of an ipod (probably the first model ever made) and took it to the gym. i swear i burned a million more calories because of it :) or i just enjoyed that hour of death time so much better...

Kera said...

talk to you in september!