Friday, July 23, 2010

31 is for lovers.

i'm just in the middle of planning a very very last minute camping trip. no wedding to shoot this weekend!! the first in many!! debated between seattle and camping..... camping wins due to having an 8 year old boys vote to count. trying to take advantage of free saturdays and sundays. we may just load up the bikes and go ride the lower cour d'alene bike trails down near benewah and st. maries. or haul the canoe to wade around lake. i won't lie though: im a little nervous about joonbug jumping over the edge.

i had a terrific birthday. other than smashing my head in twice in 10 minutes at my moms house. shoot, i have no idea where lola gets her clumsiness. on a side note, if you want to feel loved have a birthday on facebook. does that make any sense?

anyway merv surprised me by coming home early from work out of town.

so he threw together a last minute date. we went to pacific ave pizza and ordered to go. thai pizza and cheesy bread of course. walked through brownes addition and happened to catch an earful of the 2nd best local band, mon cheri playing in the park (only second to crickets of cascadia of course...)

and then off on an adventure to find the most beautiful place in spokane... seriously! indian canyon. me thinking:" can you believe this!!" lush and green in july to boot! the name alone sold me. this place is incredibly beautiful and just 5 minutes from my house. (thanks joy, for the tip!!!)

i'm heading up to pick raspberries at 6:30 with mama egg aka, edie... yay!! mmmmmmmmm i love me some raspberries. thee best. secretly, she plants them just for me. shhh.

life is flying by. each passing year goes by twice as fast as the last. so remember to cherish them all.

running song of the moment pays ode to my lover.
home: by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

a few of the lyrics fit us to a T:

Him:I'll follow you into the park
Through the jungle, through the dark
Girl, I never loved one like you

Her:Moats and boats and waterfalls
Alleyways and pay phone calls
I've been everywhere with you

Him:That's true
Laugh until we think we'll die
Barefoot on a summer night
Never could be sweeter than with you

Her:And in the streets you run a-free
Like it's only you and me
Geez, you're something to see

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a little request.

for my birthday i would like someone to make me this for dinner.
and to take me to this show.
thanks. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


finally getting around to posting these from our trip. maybe its because there are a million to sort through? or maybe its because id rather spend the day outside while its summer time?
anyway, we had a great time. at least i did and i hope everyone else did too. our days consists of playing at the beach. lola was crazy about it. she is fearless. running straight into waves was no exception. i'm voting for gearhart hands down next time. it beats the crap out of seaside.

kami crabbed. it sound like something i would like to try out.

ate a nasty sandwich in cannon beach. codys at the age where he actually gets the whole tide pool creatures thing...

this ship wreck is way more decayed than when i last saw it 7 or 8ish years ago. still cool.

made some sand dollar castles.
bonfires and fireworks.

lots of eating and card playing. everyone picked a dinner and breakfast. it worked out super!
bike riding (thanks arah for letting me borrow yours! love it!!)

more eating. uncle gary made his famous potatoes. they did not disappoint.
merv bbq'd shishkabobs on our dinner night.

smores and wiener roasting of course. maybe its just me but i'm not a huge fan of the jumbo marshmallows. a little too big to fully cook.
brian reading true crime of course, uncle gary's mile high kite (seriously!!) frisbee.

driftwood fort building...

seaside strolling.
karate chops.

ice cream.

astoria. missed goonies 25th anniversary by a few days (or weeks?) nuts.

lighthouse hikes.

what is this game called??

aquarium. lola dug the nasty octopus.