Friday, July 2, 2010

cody's 8.

and that means i'm old.

gearhart oregon, 2010
love him and his toothless smile more than words.

cody: "mom? when is the next hurricane going to happen?, can we go into the middle of a tornado? how much money do you have in the bank? can i build a house in the backyard when i growup and marry brinely? some one on the bus said f$%*,what does it mean?"
me:"cody, that's a question for dad. mammas are good for cooking and cleaning and driving you places and a few other things, like picking out a good outfit for school pictures."(please, spare me with the feminist thoughts...i'm being 100% honest here...)

...and an extra special happy birthday to cousins kambria (21 right?) and lakia (7. cody is STOKED about being a real, live, actually pen pal with a human being.)

in other news: yes thats right,i have a new header. why i have my jacket zipped half down and folded is bugging me a bit, hmmmm? did i subconsciously think that was awesome style? no, i think i was really cold mostly. so until i can get a new fam shot up i like it.


DeAnne said...

julie, you are gorgeous no matter what your collar is doing!

Forever Young said...

Cody is so stinkin' cute... you too:)

Raquel & Marc said...

isn't lakai cute? i have cute sisters and cute cousins and my kids have cute second cousins. happy birthday cody!

Marnie said...

Cute stuff. And your picture is awesome, I don't know about that zipper though (:

Kera said...

happy birthday cody.

for the record. i love your new header picture and the zipped up/folded down style (in this picture). wear it proud.