Tuesday, July 20, 2010


finally getting around to posting these from our trip. maybe its because there are a million to sort through? or maybe its because id rather spend the day outside while its summer time?
anyway, we had a great time. at least i did and i hope everyone else did too. our days consists of playing at the beach. lola was crazy about it. she is fearless. running straight into waves was no exception. i'm voting for gearhart hands down next time. it beats the crap out of seaside.

kami crabbed. it sound like something i would like to try out.

ate a nasty sandwich in cannon beach. codys at the age where he actually gets the whole tide pool creatures thing...

this ship wreck is way more decayed than when i last saw it 7 or 8ish years ago. still cool.

made some sand dollar castles.
bonfires and fireworks.

lots of eating and card playing. everyone picked a dinner and breakfast. it worked out super!
bike riding (thanks arah for letting me borrow yours! love it!!)

more eating. uncle gary made his famous potatoes. they did not disappoint.
merv bbq'd shishkabobs on our dinner night.

smores and wiener roasting of course. maybe its just me but i'm not a huge fan of the jumbo marshmallows. a little too big to fully cook.
brian reading true crime of course, uncle gary's mile high kite (seriously!!) frisbee.

driftwood fort building...

seaside strolling.
karate chops.

ice cream.

astoria. missed goonies 25th anniversary by a few days (or weeks?) nuts.

lighthouse hikes.

what is this game called??

aquarium. lola dug the nasty octopus.


Kera said...

I just discovered those massive marshmallows and thought they looked awesome! too bad they suck.

beautiful pictures.

Darla said...

Wish I knew about Gary's famous potatoes..

Rocia said...

ditto on the marshmallows. i ended up roasting them three times, pulling a layer off each time.

maybe someday we'll all get to go to the beach again together? that would be phenomenal.

Kaisa Bailey said...

Yeah, just pretty much wish that we EVER got to hang out. Kind of exciting that our pen pals are going to have to meet at some point. Your trip looked so fun. I want to head North for Thanksgiving this year.