Tuesday, August 31, 2010


today is the thirty-first day of august. it’s been pouring rain outside: the first spokane has seen in a while. and it was maybe like 59degrees today. the summer is over. :( school officially starts thursday, no confirmed friends in cody's class yet ....but pig out in the park starts tomorrow and the fair next weekend. the start of the fall season has begun.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

school times.

i can't believe school starts next week... next week! yuck! i always hated the first day , week, month of school....all of those hours away. everyday....i understand the need, but i live for unstructured summer. i plan to squeeze in some fun times with the fam before cody has to go back: a few more swims, ice cream, silverwood etc. i've been trying to make it sound way more exciting to go back than it really is, to get him excited...isn't really working.

we went to pick out school supplies (the only thing i ever liked about back to school..) and i showed him all of the new back packs. "ummm, mine is still good mom. i don't want a new one." he's starting 3rd grade and has had the same backpack since kindergarten. such a practical boy, unlike his mother.

lola will be bummed when he's not around all of the time to watch cartoons, chase, bother, pester, and read with. he's been reading to her a lot. the other day i overheard their convo. something like this:

cody:"jooney-bug, i know what your saying even when no one else does."
cody:"do you want me to teach you how to talk?"
cody:"ok baby."

completely unrelated, i'm addicted to the 6 feet under drama series, about the family run funeral home...? super vulgar and raunchy i know. i sometimes turn it on when i'm up late at night working and the kidlets are in bed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

medical lake kiwanis triathlon.

kami was the one that convinced me that we were going to do the triathlon that i had convinced her to sign up with me for months ago. i honestly didn't think she was going to be back in town from her military stuff so when we texted at 10 the night before, i was a little surprised. we woke up the next morning to rain and thunderstormy weather (in july?) and when we got to the lake where it started, i was actually a little afraid for my life to get in and swim during the storm. but we did it, unprepared and all. next time i'll be bringing a better bike and a much better swim/triathlon outfit set up. this picture is really hideous, i don't take beautiful photos after a triathlon, a race or giving birth (yikes!!) some women do. i don't get it? do they hire makeup artists to show up or what? maybe i need to start doing that, but something about throwing my bike helmet over a wet head, riding 10 miles, then letting the sweat and grossness air dry to it makes me look awesome.
i finished with 1:24. not so bad.
thanks kami for the good times!

9 years and going strong.

(photo taken on recent raft trip.)

every year on august 4th we celebrate our anniversary. this year marks number 9.

the entire family and babysitting population is headed over to hiawatha trail to celebrate it without us... boo hoo hoo. so instead this year will be spent planning on the amazing exotic romantical way that we spend our 10th...and maybe pizza night with the kids.

i came across this article awhile ago and thoroughly believe everything that it says. after sticking through thick and thin, i love merv more now than i ever have before. it may seem long but i promise it is well worth the read- married or not!

how to stay married for life:
1.If you are not ready to get married, then don't get married! Think long and hard before taking the plunge because it is a lifelong commitment which requires behavioral changes. You must start your marriage with a commitment to make it last, and you must be aware of the fact that certain behaviors such as flirting with the opposite sex are no longer appropriate under any situation.

2.Certain behaviors such as going out to night clubs are inappropriate for married couples. These social situations serve only one purpose: to meet members of the opposite sex. If you don't think you can live without the night life then married life may not be for you.

3. It is inappropriate for a married man or women to have a friend of the opposite sex. Your husband or wife is now your best friend, and all other members of the opposite sex should be downgraded to acquaintances. Do not put yourself in a position to be alone with someone of the opposite sex, even if it is as innocent as a lunch date.

4.You must share a life philosophy and life goals. Do you agree about having children and how they should be raised? What about religion? Are you working toward a financial milestone such as buying a house?

5.There is no room for privacy in a marriage, you must share everything. Your spouse should be free to examine your cell phone at will. Married couples should share a common email address, and not have private email accounts. If there is no getting around a private email address or voice mail, then your spouse should have access to your password.

6.Share your finances and don't argue about money. All accounts should be joint, and there is no such thing as his money or her money. When you're married, its community property, and you must learn to communicate about your finances.

7.Your spouse is an extension of you and deserves respect. He or she should be elevated by you at every opportunity. Their honor should be defended vigorously against attacks, even if it means standing up to your mother! It must be clear to everyone, especially your spouse, that you render your full support to your spouse in every situation.

8.Personal matters between you and your spouse to include finances do not concern other people. When you enter a marriage you must keep private matters private.

9.Tell your spouse how much you adore him or her frequently. This is the most important advice that I can give.

Monday, August 2, 2010

summertime awesomeness.

this summer my number one goal was to play with my kids as much as possible. the older i get, the older they get. i am glad to say that they will remember more that we went swimming, bike riding, mountain climbing, raspberry picking, egg gathering, road tripping, journal book making, sand castle building, camping, bug collecting, birthday partying, cousin visiting, movie going, pizza night eating, trouble making, video game playing (minimal but really, mario bros. is pretty fun), canoeing, and drawing, than sitting at home watching me work. at least for this summer... although i have had to sacrifice by staying up until insanely late hours working to make it possible. well worth it.

...and someone needs to teach gpa merv that you dont eat cupcakes with a fork. also, i just realized how awesome his cosby sweater is. we love gpa merv.
on a side note, if we have another boy, im voting to name him axel. middle name rose. no really! (not about the rose part...) the other day at the park a dad called to his little boy, "hey axel!" it was cute and the boy was cute. i like it at least for now.