Wednesday, August 4, 2010

medical lake kiwanis triathlon.

kami was the one that convinced me that we were going to do the triathlon that i had convinced her to sign up with me for months ago. i honestly didn't think she was going to be back in town from her military stuff so when we texted at 10 the night before, i was a little surprised. we woke up the next morning to rain and thunderstormy weather (in july?) and when we got to the lake where it started, i was actually a little afraid for my life to get in and swim during the storm. but we did it, unprepared and all. next time i'll be bringing a better bike and a much better swim/triathlon outfit set up. this picture is really hideous, i don't take beautiful photos after a triathlon, a race or giving birth (yikes!!) some women do. i don't get it? do they hire makeup artists to show up or what? maybe i need to start doing that, but something about throwing my bike helmet over a wet head, riding 10 miles, then letting the sweat and grossness air dry to it makes me look awesome.
i finished with 1:24. not so bad.
thanks kami for the good times!


Kera said...

good job. let's do one right after i learn how to really swim like a grown up. sweet.

Marnie said...

whatever, you look cute.