Thursday, August 26, 2010

school times.

i can't believe school starts next week... next week! yuck! i always hated the first day , week, month of school....all of those hours away. everyday....i understand the need, but i live for unstructured summer. i plan to squeeze in some fun times with the fam before cody has to go back: a few more swims, ice cream, silverwood etc. i've been trying to make it sound way more exciting to go back than it really is, to get him excited...isn't really working.

we went to pick out school supplies (the only thing i ever liked about back to school..) and i showed him all of the new back packs. "ummm, mine is still good mom. i don't want a new one." he's starting 3rd grade and has had the same backpack since kindergarten. such a practical boy, unlike his mother.

lola will be bummed when he's not around all of the time to watch cartoons, chase, bother, pester, and read with. he's been reading to her a lot. the other day i overheard their convo. something like this:

cody:"jooney-bug, i know what your saying even when no one else does."
cody:"do you want me to teach you how to talk?"
cody:"ok baby."

completely unrelated, i'm addicted to the 6 feet under drama series, about the family run funeral home...? super vulgar and raunchy i know. i sometimes turn it on when i'm up late at night working and the kidlets are in bed.


Wonderland Girl said...

Cody sounds so much like Sadie, and while I now love the summer more than life itself, when I was a kid I loved back to school. I was dumbfounded when Sadie had no interest in a new backpack or picking out the First Day New Outfit. ?! :) She had her sister do it for her! haha

Hope you guys are doing good!

Kera said...

Their conversation tugged at my heart :)

Thanks for chillin last weekend! Come to "breck" this winter for sure!