Monday, August 2, 2010

summertime awesomeness.

this summer my number one goal was to play with my kids as much as possible. the older i get, the older they get. i am glad to say that they will remember more that we went swimming, bike riding, mountain climbing, raspberry picking, egg gathering, road tripping, journal book making, sand castle building, camping, bug collecting, birthday partying, cousin visiting, movie going, pizza night eating, trouble making, video game playing (minimal but really, mario bros. is pretty fun), canoeing, and drawing, than sitting at home watching me work. at least for this summer... although i have had to sacrifice by staying up until insanely late hours working to make it possible. well worth it.

...and someone needs to teach gpa merv that you dont eat cupcakes with a fork. also, i just realized how awesome his cosby sweater is. we love gpa merv.
on a side note, if we have another boy, im voting to name him axel. middle name rose. no really! (not about the rose part...) the other day at the park a dad called to his little boy, "hey axel!" it was cute and the boy was cute. i like it at least for now.


Arah said...

Are you breaking some news here?

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