Thursday, September 23, 2010


tonight we collected seeds for cody's school project. we cut open just about every piece of produce in the fridge, dug up plants and made a  monster mess. lola helped a lot. it was a huge disaster to clean up. i had scouts to get ready for, cooking dinner, and editing and shipping and laundry along with tons of other unnecessary junk i clutter my life with. along with the kirby salesman showing up mixed in. i sent the kids to chill with a movie out so i didn't kill anyone. they looked so cute. i'm glad they still love each other. life has been throwing me A LOT of curve balls lately so it’s important i stay centered and not completely loose it. i feel like i may tend to take on too much. as things are whirling around me, i am doing my best to get all of my work done, stay committed to the obligations already on my calendar, try to create a few memories along the way and not get too overwhelmed. running helps. its personal therapy.

a friend told me about a marathon coming up in spokane in about 3 weeks. there is option for a 10k, 1/2 and full. im shooting for the 1/2. the problem is, it's a super hilly course and i hear those are tricky for 1/2 and full marathon lengths. i've been trying to ramp on the running but seem to consistently stick to the same lengths and times. this is good motivation to push a little harder. since i've been feeling a little stagnant with running i mixed it up and reintroduced myself to an old friend, the rowing machine. it worked. it kicked my butt. my legs and shoulders hurt

i'm liking these songs for the workout ipod:
*ready to start by arcade fire
*stop me by mark ronson.  (i'm a huge fan so i usually hate covers of depeche mode or the smiths, but this was pretty refreshing version.)
*so rich so pretty by mickey avalon (sick.. i think i'd be pretty embarrassed if i lost my ipod. it has some really dumb crap on it. i swear this is a head phones/run only song)
*black river killer by blitzen trapper (really digging this lately. reminds me of old classic rock.)

pre halloween.

cody has no desire to dress up as anything for halloween. he hates dressing up and he always has. i've tried tricking him a few times. one year i bought skeleton bones jammies from the gap but he figured it out and refused to put them on, ever. last year, for the first time, he actually expressed some interest. he wanted to be the star wars character oni wan kenobi. i was hoping i could convince him to wear it again so lola could be yoda. she really wants to be baby yoda. or maybe baby princess laia.

i, on the other hand love halloween. i like to trick or treat and deck out the house more than anyone in my family. must have inherited it from my mom.

Monday, September 20, 2010

fall junk.

lola loves her tutu.. we picked a few of these up at the thrift shop for like .49 a piece. nothing beats the awesome selection during halloween. they save the best dress up junk for halloween time at the thrift store, you know. she wouldn't even let me take it off to put her in the jogger stroller for a run this evening. so she buckled up with a tutu on.
speaking of halloween. i think i kind of hate fall. not really i guess. i like the coziness, and i love halloween but its just a weird time of year for me. yesterday i made chili and cornbread...strictly reserved for fall/winter seasons. it's a great comfort food. maybe i made it to comfort the glum feelings i have been having. but a great way to snap out of a funk: helping my newlywed sister get her love nest ready for her husband who returned home today from deployment....they've been married like 6 months but have only spent about 2 weeks of it together.
merv and i are selling the house and living in this thing while we travel the country. just kidding. but isn't it cute? arah and i came across it on a flea market adventure over in idaho a few weekends ago. i really wanted to bring it home. we brought home arrowheads and old pez dispensers instead.

went to cody's back to school night at school. his teacher is super. i think she is probably my favorite of his teachers so far which is hard to be. they've all been great. i loved my 3rd grade teacher!!! we know hardly anyone in the class but i really dig her. she will be good for him.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

fall randomenss.

good grief. where the crap does time go? seriously. dear, sweet cousin shevaun came up for a visit and we chatted like long lost friends. or sisters. i haven't seen her in YEARS. we shopped at thrift shops, ate sick greasy food, played beauty shop and stayed up chatting and catching up until way late on the last night that she was here. when she told me she would leaving the next morning, i tried to convince her to stay just one more night. but her husband had already reserved a night at the marriot in portland (on her way to sacramento) so no cigar... i guess i'll just have to plan that trip out to hawaii after all where she will be living with her sweet family fo 3 years. so we snapped a few for the record.

...i love seychelles shoes and frye boots. if anyone has an extra wad of cash to spare, ill take these.

...merv and i have been working on a top secret project which i am not at liberty to disclose or i will be shot on the spot. but i am proud to say it was his idea and it seriously beats the crap out of therapy.

...anyone know of a good runners race in southern utah or along the west coast?? next summerish would be proffered.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

running notes.

this guy is great if your into running. i'm seriously considering changing my diet around a bit because of him. the older i get the more i realize how important it is. i can't get away eating like crap so much these days. and that stinks. i haven't always had a terrible diet, but i surly love carbs. merv and i use to sit down late at night to watch a movie and end up eating a box of cereal together. as long as i stayed very active i didn't gain the weight. not the case these days. it seems that just running isn't enough anymore. something about turning 30 i suppose.

running songs of the minute:

mew: special
herb alberts tijuana brass band: south of the border (super awesome lyric free version so you can sing along with your own words.)
red hot chili peppers: slow cheetah
bob: magic

lola joon @19 months.

*your favorite thing to do is RUN everywhere. for real.
*which causes you to trip and run into things. you usually have a bruise or two.
*you love-love-love cody.
*you also love eating black beans the most. about 15 at a time is good. with your own spoon. or fork.
*you sleep like a good girl every night. we're about to put you in a big girl bed and work on the potty.
*you like to call yourself a good girl when you do something you think was worthy:"good-gew"...and pat your chest.
* your still bigger than your older cousins so we usually pass the hand me downs up.
* to you, all animals are called doggies and all fruit are called apples.
* your hair is one of a kind. we try to keep clips and tiny ponies in but they don't last long. your sporting a pretty great mohawk/mullet.... doesn't grow so much on the sides.
* your the best so we wont trade you in .

i've been really bad and taking a lot of photos for you lately but these are pretty much sum you up.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

3rd grade.

he posed like this on his very own. and the duck lips? i can't get the kid to stand still for a picture to save my life.

first day of 3rd grade for our handsome boy. he was a rockstar and did awesome. i'd be lying if i said i didn't tear up a tiny bit on the drive to school while chatting with him and trying to boost his confidence (more for me than him i think). i just love him so darn much. it's not always easy being the youngest boy in class. or the cutest. but he loves his new teacher mrs. stewart. doesn't that just sound like the perfect 3rd grade teacher? i remember my 3rd grade teacher. mrs womack. she was the most beautiful teacher i ever had. i loved her. i even sent her a wedding invitiation. ;)