Thursday, September 23, 2010


tonight we collected seeds for cody's school project. we cut open just about every piece of produce in the fridge, dug up plants and made a  monster mess. lola helped a lot. it was a huge disaster to clean up. i had scouts to get ready for, cooking dinner, and editing and shipping and laundry along with tons of other unnecessary junk i clutter my life with. along with the kirby salesman showing up mixed in. i sent the kids to chill with a movie out so i didn't kill anyone. they looked so cute. i'm glad they still love each other. life has been throwing me A LOT of curve balls lately so it’s important i stay centered and not completely loose it. i feel like i may tend to take on too much. as things are whirling around me, i am doing my best to get all of my work done, stay committed to the obligations already on my calendar, try to create a few memories along the way and not get too overwhelmed. running helps. its personal therapy.

a friend told me about a marathon coming up in spokane in about 3 weeks. there is option for a 10k, 1/2 and full. im shooting for the 1/2. the problem is, it's a super hilly course and i hear those are tricky for 1/2 and full marathon lengths. i've been trying to ramp on the running but seem to consistently stick to the same lengths and times. this is good motivation to push a little harder. since i've been feeling a little stagnant with running i mixed it up and reintroduced myself to an old friend, the rowing machine. it worked. it kicked my butt. my legs and shoulders hurt

i'm liking these songs for the workout ipod:
*ready to start by arcade fire
*stop me by mark ronson.  (i'm a huge fan so i usually hate covers of depeche mode or the smiths, but this was pretty refreshing version.)
*so rich so pretty by mickey avalon (sick.. i think i'd be pretty embarrassed if i lost my ipod. it has some really dumb crap on it. i swear this is a head phones/run only song)
*black river killer by blitzen trapper (really digging this lately. reminds me of old classic rock.)


Darla said...

S l o w down. Breathe. Run. I hope you can stay on top of things without losing your mind (I know I'm not). I'm gonna try and listen to your running list right now (where DO you find all this music, btw?). Do the half! You'll love it! Is it your first? I wish I could do a marathon. I'm thinking (and feeling) more and more like it'll never happen with this bad knee of mine. Good thing I love to bike so much. I could ride forever. miss you.

Darla said...

p.s. oooh, Mickey Avalon. Oh yeah.. (;

I WILL admit, good to run to.