Monday, September 20, 2010

fall junk.

lola loves her tutu.. we picked a few of these up at the thrift shop for like .49 a piece. nothing beats the awesome selection during halloween. they save the best dress up junk for halloween time at the thrift store, you know. she wouldn't even let me take it off to put her in the jogger stroller for a run this evening. so she buckled up with a tutu on.
speaking of halloween. i think i kind of hate fall. not really i guess. i like the coziness, and i love halloween but its just a weird time of year for me. yesterday i made chili and cornbread...strictly reserved for fall/winter seasons. it's a great comfort food. maybe i made it to comfort the glum feelings i have been having. but a great way to snap out of a funk: helping my newlywed sister get her love nest ready for her husband who returned home today from deployment....they've been married like 6 months but have only spent about 2 weeks of it together.
merv and i are selling the house and living in this thing while we travel the country. just kidding. but isn't it cute? arah and i came across it on a flea market adventure over in idaho a few weekends ago. i really wanted to bring it home. we brought home arrowheads and old pez dispensers instead.

went to cody's back to school night at school. his teacher is super. i think she is probably my favorite of his teachers so far which is hard to be. they've all been great. i loved my 3rd grade teacher!!! we know hardly anyone in the class but i really dig her. she will be good for him.


Raquel & Marc said...

i think i kind of hate the fall too. i just love summer and i hate being cold. i wish we could make it up to visit this thanksgiving... maybe next year?!

Darla said...

why do you hate fall, you think? is it because you're such a summer bee and fall means a LONG winter in spokane? maybe..? i hope you feel happy, soon. solve all your problems and move to richmond where (most of the time) there's no snow at all and the temps are mild ( the winter).

Marnie said...

I love fall! I actually tend to get depressed in the summer, wierd, I know. but Autumn does have that....I don't know, time of reflection and stuff about it.
Chloe just asked me the other day why we have not had corn bread for awhile. I asked, "Is it Halloween yet?" I stray a few times a year though and make chili and cornbread before it is fall.
There is a knitted Laia wig on etsy. Dang! I told my sister-in-law I would learn how to knit it, I forgot. One of my nephews hates Halloween and will only dress up as Hairy Potter.