Wednesday, September 15, 2010

fall randomenss.

good grief. where the crap does time go? seriously. dear, sweet cousin shevaun came up for a visit and we chatted like long lost friends. or sisters. i haven't seen her in YEARS. we shopped at thrift shops, ate sick greasy food, played beauty shop and stayed up chatting and catching up until way late on the last night that she was here. when she told me she would leaving the next morning, i tried to convince her to stay just one more night. but her husband had already reserved a night at the marriot in portland (on her way to sacramento) so no cigar... i guess i'll just have to plan that trip out to hawaii after all where she will be living with her sweet family fo 3 years. so we snapped a few for the record.

...i love seychelles shoes and frye boots. if anyone has an extra wad of cash to spare, ill take these.

...merv and i have been working on a top secret project which i am not at liberty to disclose or i will be shot on the spot. but i am proud to say it was his idea and it seriously beats the crap out of therapy.

...anyone know of a good runners race in southern utah or along the west coast?? next summerish would be proffered.


Kera said...

If I had 300-500 bucks laying around I would pick me up some of those boots too.

there is a race in moab in feb??? i would do it with you. i love moab.

crap i am sleep deprived.

Darla said...

Oh, come on. Tell me the secret project?! For MY marriage's sake..?