Thursday, September 23, 2010

pre halloween.

cody has no desire to dress up as anything for halloween. he hates dressing up and he always has. i've tried tricking him a few times. one year i bought skeleton bones jammies from the gap but he figured it out and refused to put them on, ever. last year, for the first time, he actually expressed some interest. he wanted to be the star wars character oni wan kenobi. i was hoping i could convince him to wear it again so lola could be yoda. she really wants to be baby yoda. or maybe baby princess laia.

i, on the other hand love halloween. i like to trick or treat and deck out the house more than anyone in my family. must have inherited it from my mom.


Arah said...

You haven't seen my house this year. It's already decorated. I'm not done yet either.
Lola would be cute as either one. She could go as a goat too :)

jen said...

That's what Taylor and B are going to be for Halloween, LOL! Taylor LOVES the old Star Wars, and she decided she wants to be Leia, and that Brennan just HAS to be yoda. :)