Tuesday, September 14, 2010

running notes.

this guy is great if your into running. i'm seriously considering changing my diet around a bit because of him. the older i get the more i realize how important it is. i can't get away eating like crap so much these days. and that stinks. i haven't always had a terrible diet, but i surly love carbs. merv and i use to sit down late at night to watch a movie and end up eating a box of cereal together. as long as i stayed very active i didn't gain the weight. not the case these days. it seems that just running isn't enough anymore. something about turning 30 i suppose.

running songs of the minute:

mew: special
herb alberts tijuana brass band: south of the border (super awesome lyric free version so you can sing along with your own words.)
red hot chili peppers: slow cheetah
bob: magic

1 comment:

Tashina said...

amen to that... it definitely takes a combination of diet and exercise. Unfortunately both have been lacking for me lately. And I have a serious relationship with carbs... I'm so in love. Don't think we'll ever be able to break up... maybe scale back a bit...