Friday, October 15, 2010

can you find our house?

..i bought some hummus dip the other day at huckleberries and i kid you not, it tasted exactly like hot dogs. sick! why buy hot dogs when you can by hot dog spread. mental note: pass on the 3.99 special on smoked hummus. especially when your trying to entertain guests....
..i dearly love my sister, and im so thankful we can handle each other enough to deal with a successful ((& very busy))business together. thankful that she looks past my shortcomings. it just me or are people on they're cell phone 24/7. what did we do before cell phones?? did we talk to people for real? another friend made a comment about this and i couldn't agree more. i love it when i'm having a conversation with someone and they start texting in front of you. or browsing the internet on their phone. it took me a while to even come around to the idea of getting a cell phone.
...i've passed my 500 mile mark running. my goal was 500 for the year. running is a big stress reliever for me and i guess i've had a lot of motivation to run this year. i'll be happy when we glide into 2011(!) 2010 can go down in flames with 2007.
and in case you gave a crap...running tunes of the minute:
**anything by passion pit: especially- moths wings, to kingdoms come, dream (another cover song but super rad!! perfect for running!! at like 6.5 mph...)
**mgmt: kids
**the republic tigers: buildings and mountains (also perfect 6.5-7 mph running beat)
**iron & wine: boy with a coin, house by the sea (not a huge fan of their popular stuff...)
snap shots from our recent (and rare) date night. my sister and i did an engagement photo shoot here recently. i loved it and took merv back to see the sites. if you can find our house, you win a milliondy dollaros.
...speaking of date nights, have you seen six feet under yet?? it's a little (or a lot) disgusting and vulgar. but addicting! better to be addicted to a series than crack, right? and dwight schrute is in it! not as dwight schrute of course, but as the real dude, and maybe even a better character... can't wait to start dexter. im an idiot and qued up disc 4 before disc 3 of season 4 on netflix.... uggg. the wait! we've been waiting all non mail delivery holiday weekend for the right disk! we don't watch tv much but this is our midnight guilty pleasure.


Arah said...

Dexter is really good, in a morbid kind of way. You have to like serial killers and such and not mind the language. I need to watch six feet under

Wonderland Girl said...

I'm VERY interested in watching Dwight Shrute as anything else...because I was thinking I could never watch him and be convinced he was anything other than Dwight.

Kaisa Bailey said...

"in case you give a crap....."
I give a crap and was a little disappointed that you were done writing for this post. I loved it.