Sunday, October 10, 2010

i love my family.

we had such a great weekend...our house was packed. waffles with everyone saturday morning and then last night we had everyone over for girls vs guys trivial pursuit night, (...even though the girls always suck and loose.)  as i was looking around the table, i realized all of my siblings and their spouses there, with the exception of my brother who was at work. it made me very happy. maybe not my neighbors though. we tend to get pretty loud. especially with 8 million children running amok.

time with my family is refreshing and even though it can be tremendously overwhelming it is so worth it to have a large family. i loved having 6 kids in our family growing up. i love them all  individually and i've always made it a priority to maintain a personal relationship with every one of them. my childhood memories would not be complete without my siblings. i would probably only remember parts of my  it if  it weren’t for my sisters & brothers.  maybe its due to the fact that my mom had all 6 of us within 8 years that we are still so close. anyway, im glad we love each other enough to spend so much time together.


Jordan said...

You guys are awesome to hang out with.
And seriously, did you ever think you'd have a chance in guys vs girls?

Marisa said...

Family game nights are my FAVORITE. Oh man, we need to have a family reunion soon!

Darla said...

hm..can I move in?