Thursday, October 21, 2010


 ...some random pictures throughout the month.
cousins played all day. cody loved it. i love when i told them to act like goofs brinley made those funny things with her fingers behind cody... bug ears? so brinley.

 he seriously looks like a huge kid to me here.
lola was trying super hard to get someone to play with her. but she's at the age where she just drives the big kids nuts.

 "hey guys, look here. a super cool... pumpkin bucket?? anyone?"
 i think brinley is doing witchcraftery in the yard in this one. and good grief, could they drag any more toys out?
 more witchcraftery. this awesome cape has been around since jasmine was her size and she'll be turning 17 in a month... its been a wild success. i cant believe i still let them use it for dress up. its super old and worth a fortune.
 "look ma, a nat!" (...and whats up with the swarms of nats lately??)
"guess ill just play soccer by myself  then."

 "ya, a few more toys and soccer cones in the yard should do the trick. then mom can leave them up and drive the neighbors nuts all week."
skating in the grass is safest.
annual greenbluff trip to get pumpkins. (courtesy of sister)

sad julie, i just found out today that my friend is selling this greenbluff propety (the gorgeous property in this photo...) :(
super random, but just discovered amongst the others : lola loves to chill in this thing. she fights over it with the cousins. its getting to the point that it hardly supports her. but she insists. i guess that about about sums up this really poorly organized and unedited and post.


Kera said...

yesterday haidyn was playing with her little friend maggie and they were trying to get away from poor reese all day :( i felt so bad for her.
i'm sure the property wont sell and we will move back there someday and live happily ever after. right?

Arah said...

Such funny kids. And I think Cody looks like a big kid in that picture too. When did our kids get so big?

Marnie said...

No don't go private. Just do a secret blog too.

Gotta love the play strollers.