Saturday, November 13, 2010

friday night.

what do you do on a friday night, when your husbands been out of town all week? ( ...and won't be back until
make lemon poppy seed muffins with cody and joonbug, chat with sisters on phone, watch lola play house and put her baby to pretend bed (so cute!), watch tom and jerry with kids, edit photos from mound of sessions, catch up on ebay shipping, drink tea, listen to christmas music on pandora and browse the internet for christmas gifts. all while doing loads of laundry that hasn't been touched all week. i've discovered i really love buying christmas gifts in bed, shopping at midnight  in your pajamas. perfect.  etsy is great for homemade cuteness and amazon is awesome for books, music, video game junk, urban outfitters is good for weird white-elephanty-type things and ebay is pretty great for anything else. sometimes.

i love this stuff:
lola surely needs one of these. or 5:
lola would also love these cute nesting dolls i think:
merv gets this tiger on a bike shirt:

and my brother jared would like this biking zombie t shirt:
this coffee table book for merv also. the best.
...and cody has decided he just wants a kitten ever since we came home from seattle last weekend. brian and becca have cats to keep the mice off of their property and cody fell in love with their new kitten. we're just not pet people.
especially not kittens that grow up and turn into cats.
but i think he'll maybe take one of these instead ( if i can find one that's not 5 million dollars....bummed i missed the skiswap. great place to buy boards for growing kids who outgrow them so quick.)


Jordan said...

I love that family photos website. That and people of walmart.

Kaisa Bailey said...

thoroughly enjoyed this post. I like the tiger on a bike shirt....and the nesting dolls...and the cute little hair pretty that I would love to put in Maddox's long hair...(: Just sayin'....wish we were doing Thanksgiving!

Marnie said...

those t-shirts are hedious/awesome.
I can't stop laughing at that book cover. I think my husband needs it.

Darla said...

Julia, if you DO decide to get a cat, I think you'll be surprised at how much you'll love it. Cats are so interesting and smart..and obnoxious. I think I like that most about them. They could care less what you think or say or do to them. No, I take that back. They love your attention. (; This is a great list and some great gift ideas, as well. I love tea, too. Which is your favorite?