Thursday, November 4, 2010

six feet under and horses.

cody loves to go out to visit aunt kami's house. she has neat things: horses & chickens (the foxes keep getting into her chickens!), 4 wheelers, dune buggies and a jeep, video games, dirt, bonfires....  when he was little, i couldn't get him to touch a horse but now he loves riding them. lola loves horsies too! she's practically a pro rider now. we just throw her on and she gallops around the field. haha. can you imagine? but she does love riding with kami. she freaks when its time to get off. ill have to post some photos of them soon. in the meantime here are some from when we went to yellowstone ages ago when kami was working at a dude ranch ( i think?). it was the first time cody really got to hang out with a horse. he wanted nothing to do with it and would rather watch brinley ride.  he turned 4 on that trip.

i can't get over the series finale of six feet under. especially the last 5 or 10 minutes of it. amazing. i can't get it off my mind. i know this series is old news: i think the 5 seasons ran from like 2000-2005 or something but having netflix sure makes it convenient to que up a series that grabs your interest and watch it straight through in a just a few weeks or days or whatever your schedule allows.  six feet under has been our late night ritual for a couple of months now. but mervs been out of town this week and i couldn't cant wait to finish off the last few episodes. now i can hardly wait for him to get back so i can watch them again with him. so full of great one liners too.

i'm almost sad its done and over. isnt that pathetic? but, everyone says dexter is great too. the main character from six feet under is in it so i'm interested already but i don't know how it could possibly compete. i already said that i'm not responsible for the grossness of this show but the fact is: most of the junk on regular non-hbo tv is way grosser, just a different kind of gross.  i can't stand most tv. that's one of the big reasons we canceled it. i would way rather watch a series like this than most of the reality crap, desperate housewives, dancing with the stars on mars, the view, oprah, etc. that stuff is shallow, nasty and ridiculous, just in my opinion of course. no offense if you like it. obviously most people do or it wouldn't be so popular, right? man, i sound like a hag these days. in other news...

i'm practicing for a longer race and learning to pace myself. sometimes mellow music is good for that. along with some breathing tricks merv taught me. i'm digging these songs right now.
radiohead: reckoner (LOVE! how can you go wrong with radio head?)
florence + the machine: lungs ( the drums...)
sia: breathe me (the series finale of 6ft under reminded me why this is one of my fav songs of all times.)
bat for lashes: daniel (super pretty... reminds me of that movie labyrinth)


Marisa said...

I love Radiohead; I was just listening to them earlier today. Rob and I just got netflix so I plan on checking out 6 feet under now.

julie said...

just promise you wont tell anyone i told you about it. i think it must be rated triple r at least. ;)

Darla said...

You heathen you, Julie! I'm gonna check out 6 feet under too and then get real mad at you when I find it offensive. (; Love the music. Can we go running sometime?? And...reading your posts make me laugh. So speratic (ugh...not spelling that one all.) Love it.

Marisa said...

Haha I just saw this... don't worry, Julie, I won't tell anyone. ;)