Monday, November 22, 2010


being that it is thanksgiving week, i was contemplating the things i am grateful for... i came up with a small list in no particular order.

old photo from last fall: i haven't been great at taking photos of my own family lately.
.merv cody and lola
.and i'm thankful when none of them have to go  school/work! i love eating dinner together, and watching movies on the couch, playing go fish and just being together
.all of my brothers sister and in laws
...and i am thankful to my brothers and sisters for having children and for being good aunts and uncles to my own children
( really is true that my family contains my very favorite people. for real. i love these people.)
.good honest friends/people
.the military
.being american
.the mailman. he visits several times a week just to haul away mounds of packages from my doorstep. i the only one who thinks its absurd that we still receive mail? i am so thankful or that.
.surprise hand written notes. so rare.  i keep everyone and always have.
.the garbage man
.the grand canyon
.the ocean
.the innocence of children
.my moms homemade pizza. mmmm.
.my legs that can walk and run!
.my hands too
.my health
.a sunday afternoon drive with the family
.homemade bread and jam
.dishwashers & microwaves ( i haven't had either for months...)
.when i am actually able to see a movie in the theater
.road trips
.pikabu bistro
.good conversation
.my eyelash curler
.the y
.the sun
.the moon
.food. especially spicy food
.campfire chats & smores
.having a decent memory
.mix CD’s as gifts


Kaisa Bailey said...

what eyelash curler do you use?

Kera said...

thankful for all the vitamins advice you just gave me :)

julie said...

only the finest...a super expensive one made by revelon...haha! i think its 8 bucks at walgreens.