Monday, November 8, 2010

timer shots.

we took a super spontaneous trip over to seattle this weekend. it was fun and much needed little break. i cracked out the camera for these 2 lousy timer photos and a few of my brother and sister in laws house that was recently painted to show the parents. the dogs obviously wanted to be included. this is what we look like when we roll out of bed, throw on some clothes to drive home. (also, please remind me that my forehead is much too huge for those elastic headbands and they should only be worn for running.)

also, read this awesome article this morning about photography. good perspective.


Jordan said...

Looks like everyone is leaning. You should get yourself a remote for the camera. I bought one for about $2.

Marisa said...

I really like your sweatshirt.

julie said...

thanks marisa! and joran, i should use a tripod too, but that would be much too much work. ;)