Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 recap.

loved this quote i read. sums up my feelings perfectly:
"I like to refer to this week between Christmas and New Year as ‘Crimbo Limbo Week.’ It’s a strange old time where lots of people aren’t working and the majority of the population sit in front of bad telly, stuffing their faces with left over turkey and Christmas chocolate. Time slooows down and no one knows what day of the week it is. Oh and everyone gets sick… or is that just me?"

one thing i do love to do the week before new years is work on goals and reflect on the past. i am not as organized as i have been in the past years but it always fun to do a little yearly lookback for perspective. it's amazing to reflect on the past year and think about all that has happened. honestly, 2010 was kind of hard year for me (but i'll keep this on the more positive side...) and i'm incredibly thankful that i get to start a fresh new year in just a few days. cheers to the new years! (or is it year?)

my best memories were: the gearhart family reunion, grand canyon and page arizona trip with my sister arah, my first triathlon, our 1st, 8th, 31st and 36th birthdays, hiking mount spokane, fish lake trail runs at dusk (miss with the foot of snow),  sprinklers and popsicles, swimming in lakes pools, rafting the river with merv, canoeing, bike rides, watching lola learn to walk and snowboarding with cody, somehow becoming a den leader in cubscouts, attending more weddings than i ever have in my life where i was taking more pictures than i ever have in my life, watching merv grow the longest facial hair i have ever seen him with, growing our first crop of raspberries, crying on my mamas shoulder (maybe not a highlight but major bonding...), running a few races (and beating my best bloomsday time!), tricking dozens of visitors in our house into believe a painting in the kitchen was of of mervs make believe aunt pearl for months before selling it on ebay for a surprising large sum of money, camping near cle elum with brian and becca, celebrating our 9th anniversary,  the 3rd grade snail project, dabbling in geocaching a little with my brother, picking gobs of fresh veggies and collecting dozens of eggs from grandma edie's garden, and spending countless hours playing in grandpa jim's yard, a few memorable 2 am chats when you can talk about anything everything… unfiltered, receiving a super sentimental quilt for christmas, spending more time with my oldest sister corinne and her children than i have in years, slumber parties with the cousins, stepping back into the land of funny toddler antics and not so funny potty training, seeing my cousins!!, watching my baby sister get married & seeing my dad get to be with many of his brothers (he really loves them and rarely gets to see so many of them at once), several trips to seattle to visit my brother and sister in law.... can't wait to see what 2011 has in store. some of the more favorite pictures of our year for proof:


Darla said...

Great, great. Can't get enough of your pics and your memory! Good grief, that memory of yours. I gotta sit down and think of OUR year.

Kera said...

love your pictures!