Thursday, December 2, 2010

hello december.

we had the perfect thanksgiving weekend straight out of the movies with the snow and all: food, my favorite people, board games, pie, watching merv play a show, more food, peeling out in the snow, movies, sleeping and more food. my friend kristina even managed to talk me into a thanksgiving day aerobics class since the 5k turkey trot i was planning to do seemed a little ridiculous with all of the snow coming down. it was super fun and i will definitely be making it a tradition. our family gets larger every year and it was so nice to have all of my siblings together and nice for kami and gus to host since they have the most room. i was lousy at taking many photos  but thankfully other people grabbed my camera and helped snap a few.  it seems like im missing half of the family in these photos...hmmm. i think some people like to evade the camera.  the snow was beautiful and after it was over i think we ended up with around 2 feet or something.  a little unusual this early in the year....

my sisters and mom love to do the black friday sales. i think looking through the newspaper ads thanksgiving day might actually be more fun than the 3am ping part. some years i go and some i dont. this year we all went. the females anyway.  we started out at old navy at midnight. the lines to pay were beyond nuts and i seriously don't think a2hour wait was worth it for the whopping $5.49 i spent on a tshirt for cody and a few pair of socks... target and fred meyer were much better hauls. and merv was awesome for letting me sleep in all day when i finally
made it home at 830am.

i really need to crack out the christmas decor and maybe make one of these. it seems the holiday creative streak has passed me by this year. i haven't made or bought any additions to my decorations but this seems to be inspiring:

Lolas really loving the toilet lately, not so much using it. but playing near it. sick. i'm washing it constantly. i bought her a potty seat and she pushed the stool up to it and hangs out. she is so funny. lately she's been saying,"oh my gosh!" after anything remotely exciting.
on a completely random note... this list is awesome. it cracks me up. I'm guilty of a few....

wow, so this may be the worst blog post i have ever written. absolutely no rhyme or reason. holy crap.

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Darla said...

oh hush. I love your posts. where do Kami and Gus live? On some beautiful piece of property with horses, etc? JEALOUS (and this early on in their married life!!)!!