Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas vacation.

**i was planning to stay awake to watch the lunar eclipse tonight by my lonesome..(merv got called to work out of town this week last minute, but they'll be back wednesday night....) it's happening in our sky around 130 am, but its looking a little bleak at the moment. super, super cloudy.  so in leu: another late night blog post a coming... i'm not sure what it is about the urge to blog random thoughts around midnight...

**so i had this ridiculous idea to start a detox this week. ive been feeling kind of like ive gained a ton and sluglike.  it's one i've done before and its a quick 7 day deal...but i figured i'd cheat a little but try to stick to it until christmas eve.. then i read a friends blog. quote: during christmas "do not diet" . thanks friend,  for changing my mind. that was a real dumb idea. i'll wait until at least after new years get togethers and feasts.

**my running goal was passed this year so i decided to shoot for 700 miles instead... ya right. we calculated it out last night and unless i run at least 5 miles a day until dec 31, no cigar... i'll aim higher next year for sure.

** i attempted very hard to get a nice christmas timer shot. you know, the crappy ones taken off of the arm of your sofa the week of christmas?

me: "keep your nice clothes on for just a few minutes when we get home... i need to get a few family shots in front of the tree."

2 hours later..

me:"nuts!! i forgot!! kids could you please try to look your nicest in whats left of your nice clothes with food down the front?" ( merv in slippers... and me without a nice sweater and in lolas hat)

cody: "my tooooooth huuuuuurts too much for pictures!!"

lola: "look mama! i bring you broken ornamanets!
...and i kept my pony in all day!"
take one:
take two:
so nice... i especially love the gangly lights hanging off the bottom tree. the ones lola has ripped off and drug around the house all season. but we all look so darn happy.

**something so special about having christmas on a saturday this year: cody is  out of school for the whole week before (...i may be a weirdo here,  but i love having my family all in one spot...) it's like christmas all week!! ...really enjoyed spending time with my sister and her family sunday night for dinner/breakfast.. you know when you have pancakes for dinner at ihop?? you can't beat class and great food.  great start to the holiday. we have plans to hopefully go snowboarding, eat, play games, make fattening bread and treats, go to winter solstice event at neighbors, make ornaments, finish gift wrapping... speaking of...

**i discovered tonight while i was wrapping gifts that besides the fact that i really hate wrapping gifts, i tend to pick the ugliest wrapping paper in creation. i like it though. i'm just drawn to the ugly stuff.... so i guess its more like pretty/ugly?

**this video is super cute. we really like this song. i watched this with lola and cody tonight. we all loved it. so beautiful. 

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Marnie said...

how funny. We are both up way before dawn. First we find each other on Fb after the lunar disapointment and then I find that we were both in the blogging world too, blogging about the moon and other randomness. I feel less lonely these early hours. Thanks

Rocia said...

you look beautiful in that family shot julie! love your dress! speaking of babushka nesting dolls...julia is asking for a set for christmas...still haven't found her one.