Thursday, January 13, 2011

family photos.

Cody and i have been working on a genealogy project so we've been sifting through hoards of photos trying to collect our family portraits from his lifetime. it's been pretty fun really.... and a little scary looking back at some of the outfits i choose to wear which will not be posted at this time.. yikes! who ever decided those really, really wide legged denim capri things were ever flattering or attractive? and would someone please remind me for the love that its not a great idea to chop my hair short while pregnant or just after having a baby?

aww love birds circa 2001... actually, at this phase i don't even think we really knew each other...

 then baby #1 cody in 2002. i'm kind of amazed that the only brand-new-member-to-the-family shots taken in the hospital were both so lousy. i'm happy i have them though.

 and our first family posed photo in 2003. thats some nice hair.
 and in 2004..."quick...just act serious."
 and a creepy winter time shot in 2005? i realized after examining this photo on my wall that had already been mailed out in xmas cards, that one of the buttons on my top was undone
... fall time in 2006.  i bet you can't tell how thrilled merv was this day. he always love a family photo days. it might have something to do with the fact that i'm probably pretty lame and demanding when we're trying to take them.
 summer photos in 2007. cody hadn't even started kindergarten yet. this was a fun day and we were all so darn happy.

 late fall of 2008 and 5 months preggo with lola joon....
along came baby number 2 in feb 2009 . i swear merv didn't have a beer belly.
i had to post this... look at cute funny bald lola and her furrowed bald brows

summer photos in 2009.... people in 2009. this pictures reminds me of standing on the moon or something. we love it the best. after another rough time at trying to get the fam to cooperate for some photos on a super duper windy day, we had just about given up when my sister snapped this one. we love it. lola was in the bag because there was no place to put her while arah was taking a few of just merv and i.
and finally the most recent in summer 2010. i'm not sure what possessed me to dress like betty crocker..? maybe its just the flower I'm not in love with.
my mom has his fun wall in her basement of all of my 70's-80's and 90's family photos growing up. We love to go down all look at them and make fun of each other and laugh and see how much we've changed.
this one is a fav. i like how my dad set the shoot up in the back yard but left the extension cord hanging on the fence. ;)


Marisa said...

I love Lola in the bag and Corinne's pioneer dress. Great post!

Kera said...

a few things...

i cannot believe it has been 2 years since we were pregnant together in spokane! i'm really reeeeallly happy i found (or technically you found me) such a cool gal to watch movies and go shopping with during that snowy winter.

i love your betty crocker dress. you get more beautiful every year.

you are a baby in those first pictures!

julie said...

@ marisa: brians pale yellow pants were pretty sweet too.;)

@kera: i miss those days. we should hang out in real life soon.

Renee' P said...

Fun Julie! Thanks for sharing those fun pics!

Megan Andrea said...

i miss you. plan your anniversary trip to see me!!!! think about it.

julie said...

please can we soon megan?! spokane can be pretty chuckfull of lame people at times... :(

how it dc?