Monday, January 3, 2011

plans & goals.

we rang in the new year ( and moms birthday) in high style with bbq steaks and our own private negative degree weather fireworks show. thanks to my sister for letting us use her house and my other sister for all of the fun goodies and photos. the new years baby even came once again and filled our shoe with treats... (long time erickson family tradition...) but forgot until the last minute so mine only had a cliff bar and a half empty bottle of water.


i am believer that you are more productive if you write down your goals and make lists. it works for me. i love crossing things off and looking back on them.  must be some overfloww form all of those family nights when dad would crack out steven covey and the brand new notebooks for each of us to use to write our goals down in: long term and short term. i'm sure he's glad it stuck.

i looked over last years resolutions. i'm happy to say that i accomplished at least a few( ... taking cody and lola grand canyon...) and here are a few that i'm aiming to accomplish in the year twenty-leven(that sounds a little strange.):

*find a better balance in my life between time spent between family/ business/me/social life. i over fill my days & over schedule leaving me feeling stressed and anxious too often.

*turn off the computer and phone more often...(inspiration found here. )

*spend more time with my husband. take a much needed trip alone. finally. please? ummm... i do belive a 10 year anniversary is on the horizon.

*take kids to olympic rainforest. it was a toss up last year for spring break and grand canyon won.

*quit being judgmental. humility goes a long way.

*have more faith/less cynicism. be more grateful.

*cry less, laugh more, speak calm  & meditate. (corny but big goal for me.)

*continue learning to hula hoop and playing guitar better.

*read books. the paper back kind.

*plant an above ground garden.  any great tips?

*play more guitar.

*go to bed earlier.

*photog. business overhaul. excited about business getting a long over due revamp...more details soon.

*close down my ebay shop forever.

*run run run run!
*run a marathon. 1/2 would be good. (whidbey island in april...)

*do the seattle ragner relay in july!! with becca!! on my very own birthday!!

speaking of, a few ipod running songs lately:
katie melua :just like heaven
killers: smile like you mean it
lady tron: ghosts
aya peard:  rain song (led zeppelin cover)
its hard to believe that most people don't mention the original rain song when talking about zeppelin's best songs. this is definitely in my top led zeppelin songs of all time...brings me to another place and time. ;)

"we're all busy. whether you're a student, a business owner, a full time employee or a mom we're ALL busy. we all have only 24 hours in each day and options for time management. stop making excuses and set an amount of time (no matter how small) each day to work on your goal." i truly wish i could remember where i read this. it was recently and i saved a bad link.... :(

good luck to me.

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