Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i do my best thinking on a drive, by myself. the other night i went out and watched the planes land and take off. there is a great place to park not too far from my house and this rock is a good lookout perch. i usually don't have my good camera but just so happened to this day... after looking at these, i maybe shouldn't even be sharing them. it might ruin the coolness of this spot for me. probably not.

we've been doing some serious life reviewing lately... like plans for the next 5 year: if we want to stay in our house or buy a more functional one, work goals etc. you see, our house has a crazy, totally nonfunctional for a family of 4 set up. our main living is done upstairs, with the extra rooms downstairs. cody finally decided that he wanted to have a room downstairs after we convinced him that it would mean lola could no longer terrorize his living space and demolish his precious lego creation. lola gets his old room and we get to stay put.

settled then. the other night i went nuts and cleaned out my entire office downstairs which will be codys room. it was really funny going through that old office stuff. some of it had been packed away since it was moved in there almost 6 years ago. a lot of it went directly into the goodwill pile. it feels really nice to do some serious purging. if anyone needs some junk, i've got a garage full of it. also, how long do you save taxes? i have 10 years of it in a tote. i'm thinking that's sufficient.

our plans are to start some remodeling down there pronto and to get rid of the remaining swingers club setup that once existed...seriously, our house came with a swingers bar in the downstairs when we bought it. complete with an indoor hot tub, 11 foot lava rock backdrop (including moss), full bar with mirrored wall...ya. i really wish we would have taken pictures of it before we ripped it all out. it was pretty sweet all trimmed out in poo brown trim and cork liner. i know most people must be wondering why we would ever get rid of it. we could've thrown some pretty great parties if we wanted to.

also, i've been having the weirdest dreams lately. the kind of vivid dreaming you do when pregnant (at least i do). but i'm not pregnant. this morning i woke up thinking, " where the heck did that come from??" and then i called merv at work and told him to be extra safe today and kissed my kids. i need to get a what-does-it-mean-dream-interpretation book i suppose.


Darla said...

laughing (like always, when I read your posts)..

Marnie said...

Hey you were coaching me to run 9 miles in my dream. That following night I found out I would be running in a 10K (I had not even been planning to). I am traing for 9 miles though because that's what you were training me for and the dream felt....right/peaceful. Thanks coach. (:
I love dream interpretations. I have found some good/free ones online.