Friday, February 18, 2011

lola joon is 2.

hard to believe your 2 today! we love you so much, even though your terrible twos are in full force. favorite activities lately are: climbing onto the kitchen counter and dumping out spices, throwing my makeup in the toilet and dumping elmers glue all over your head. we try to keep everything out of reach and locked away but your a sneaky little squirt. thank goodness your so generous with your kisses and cuddles. cody says to celebrate your birthday we're going to ihop to for pancakes.

Friday, February 11, 2011


i love finding old gems. i think i'll have this printed for the wall.
 hard to believe that this little bay girl will be 2 in a week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

30 years apart.

and dang mom, that is one ratty basket... are those bread ties i see holding it together...?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

life lately.

1. somehow i agreed to help plan a family reunion again and the gold & blue cubscout banquet... all in the same week. i challenge everyone to do them both at some time in their life- but not necessarily at the same time. along with coaching their kids soccer team and running a marathon...challenges are good for humans. otherwise we get too wrapped up in out own minuscule lives to understand the importance of helping others....stepping outside of out comfort zones is crucial to growing.

2. the oregon coast family reunion trip has grown into a much larger monster that originally anticipated. its pretty exciting really, to think about seeing some old cousins. long overdue. many i haven't seen since the last one we had around 8 years ago. and my plan is to kick all of their competitive butts in the little 5k race that's planned.

3. the other day i heard a song and decided i want to learn how to play it on the guitar and sing it to my kids and merv, a song that actually made me teary eyed...i would say the name of the song, but maybe its not relevant.

4. because I work from home, it's often hard to separate work and family and I keep finding that when I am working I feel guilty for neglecting my family, and when I am spending time with my family I feel guilty for neglecting my work. i really struggle with this a lot. the cure all(most): i make sure that I get out of the house and do lots of fun things every week. including plenty of time at the Y for swimming and running, lots of family drives, movie/snuggle time on the couch and a little fro yo earth... the other cure: visits and phone calls from dear friends/family. i love hearing from friends and family.
2008 soccer team?