Thursday, March 24, 2011

running tips.

i am no pro- far from it, but i have learned a few helpful tips over the years. my 2 cents:
  • get the right shoes! find out if your an under-pronator or an over-pronator or normal... and it really really helps to buy at least a half size bigger than you normally wear in work out shoes.
  • cotton socks=blisters. no cotton! especially not socks. (the people at the shoe store might try to convince you to buy their 12 dollar pair, but you can find the same poly blends at tjmaxx and even walmart for like 5 times less. just check the label for no cotton.)
  • no cotton tshirts=chapped armpits. seriously. microfiber is great.
  • headbands keep my eyes from burning. i'm a big time sweatball when i run.
  • pepper spray if you run by yourself. locally, you can get a cute pink canister at the white elephant.
  • music is my life line. a few current favorites:
  • miike snow, especially burialanimal
  • passion pit: sleepyhead
  • the xx: islands 

(2008 bloomsday,  & why does a guy like that always show up in the picture?)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

blue & gold cub scout banquet idea.

in case you cared, i was in charge of some of the blue and gold banquet cub scout stuff. im only writing about this because it was hard to come up with some boyish crafty decorations. hopefully this helps someone else! this is a great idea if you are looking for one: wanted posters! my sister found the idea somewhere online. the boys thought these were the coolest thing ever to make and to get to take home for their rooms after the banquet.  we worked on them a few weeks before the hard to keep the attention span of a group of boys. underneath is the motto and "wanted to be an eagle scout" along with their names. we used 1/2 sheets of poster board. i took their photos mug shot style and then had them printed in sepia to look old west like and then let them go to town with some brown ink pads to distress them some. then hung them down the wall on a rope with clothespins and trimmed out with handkerchiefs to display them during the banquet. easy as pie.

if you want to go all out with the western theme, have the leaders dress in pearls snap western shirts and use handkerchiefs on the table. we were completely ok going the super easy route and just used candy bars re-wrapped in the scout logo & tied to balloons as centerpieces that the boys (and their siblings) got to take. the best part was that everything goes home and you don't have a ton of clean-up

little goobs.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i love my parents.

mervs been working out of town a lot lately. we mostly see hime on sunday, sometimes saturday. i do everything i can to make the time go by faster and i have major sympathy for single moms(and dads!). we spent some time at my parents last night. we were hanging out in the kitchen chatting and my dad started telling me the story of how he met and proposed to my mom. he's been trying to recollect it for his journal. it's such a cute story. especially, when my mom is on the sideline giving her version of what really happened. this led to my mom and i digging out her wedding gown (which was hand made by my grandma dot and looks like the old gunne sax style dress), me playing dress up, and telling her i'd love to inherit it and then looking through their wedding scrapbook. (the real type of scrap book... complete with real scraps.) this is my all time favorite photo of them. their engagement photo taken by my dads best friend bob calkins. i'm getting one made to hang in my house.

i think they've been married 36 years this july. they are my number one example of how a good, strong, committed marriage works, flaws and all. they remind my why its best to always work things out. no matter what. and they are the most generous people with their time and the resources they have, that i know. when we first got married merv said something to me that has always stuck, "your parents serve their children endlessly." it is so true. in fact, my dad is cutting out bird houses for me as i type this, for a cub scout project i asked him about just this morning. and my mom will never bat an eye if you need a last minute babysitter, or just a break and an ear to vent in.


this has been an odd few weeks. maybe its because mother nature still thinks its the dead of winter with this ridiculous negative degree blizzard condition weather we've been having... or maybe its because i got the worst case of food poisoning of all time and was sicker than a dog for a week... or maybe because mervs been pretty much living in another town working for the past month.... or maybe its because cody doesn't like me that much anymore. do all kids go through that phase? he seriously thinks i'm a moron and he always tries to correct me. i feel like we butt-heads big time. i tell myself its just a phase that will pass. arggg.

oh man, this totally sounds like a big fat whine fest. it's really not so bad. actually the sun came out today and it was really lovely. almost like it was actually march 3 instead of december 3.  super looking forward to spring break. arah and i have planned out some fun things to do with the kids and will wrap up our trip in seattle where merv is meeting me and we'll head over to whidbey island for our marathon.

cute photo of cody protecting lola from the dangerous birthday pie flames. this is totally cody:
 this is cute cody when he still liked me:
this is his hilarious octopus project for school: