Wednesday, March 2, 2011


this has been an odd few weeks. maybe its because mother nature still thinks its the dead of winter with this ridiculous negative degree blizzard condition weather we've been having... or maybe its because i got the worst case of food poisoning of all time and was sicker than a dog for a week... or maybe because mervs been pretty much living in another town working for the past month.... or maybe its because cody doesn't like me that much anymore. do all kids go through that phase? he seriously thinks i'm a moron and he always tries to correct me. i feel like we butt-heads big time. i tell myself its just a phase that will pass. arggg.

oh man, this totally sounds like a big fat whine fest. it's really not so bad. actually the sun came out today and it was really lovely. almost like it was actually march 3 instead of december 3.  super looking forward to spring break. arah and i have planned out some fun things to do with the kids and will wrap up our trip in seattle where merv is meeting me and we'll head over to whidbey island for our marathon.

cute photo of cody protecting lola from the dangerous birthday pie flames. this is totally cody:
 this is cute cody when he still liked me:
this is his hilarious octopus project for school:


Kera said...

come visit me. i'll cheer you right up :)

julie said...

That sounds heavenly Kera.

Forever Young said...

Julie, that picture of Cody protecting Lola from her birthday cake is so precious!!! Love it.