Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i love my parents.

mervs been working out of town a lot lately. we mostly see hime on sunday, sometimes saturday. i do everything i can to make the time go by faster and i have major sympathy for single moms(and dads!). we spent some time at my parents last night. we were hanging out in the kitchen chatting and my dad started telling me the story of how he met and proposed to my mom. he's been trying to recollect it for his journal. it's such a cute story. especially, when my mom is on the sideline giving her version of what really happened. this led to my mom and i digging out her wedding gown (which was hand made by my grandma dot and looks like the old gunne sax style dress), me playing dress up, and telling her i'd love to inherit it and then looking through their wedding scrapbook. (the real type of scrap book... complete with real scraps.) this is my all time favorite photo of them. their engagement photo taken by my dads best friend bob calkins. i'm getting one made to hang in my house.

i think they've been married 36 years this july. they are my number one example of how a good, strong, committed marriage works, flaws and all. they remind my why its best to always work things out. no matter what. and they are the most generous people with their time and the resources they have, that i know. when we first got married merv said something to me that has always stuck, "your parents serve their children endlessly." it is so true. in fact, my dad is cutting out bird houses for me as i type this, for a cub scout project i asked him about just this morning. and my mom will never bat an eye if you need a last minute babysitter, or just a break and an ear to vent in.


Kera said...

i had fun chatting it up with your parents at your shower, and i remember thinking how cool and fun to talk to they were.

Darla said...

Oh my goodness, I love your parents. So nice that have that..