Thursday, March 24, 2011

running tips.

i am no pro- far from it, but i have learned a few helpful tips over the years. my 2 cents:
  • get the right shoes! find out if your an under-pronator or an over-pronator or normal... and it really really helps to buy at least a half size bigger than you normally wear in work out shoes.
  • cotton socks=blisters. no cotton! especially not socks. (the people at the shoe store might try to convince you to buy their 12 dollar pair, but you can find the same poly blends at tjmaxx and even walmart for like 5 times less. just check the label for no cotton.)
  • no cotton tshirts=chapped armpits. seriously. microfiber is great.
  • headbands keep my eyes from burning. i'm a big time sweatball when i run.
  • pepper spray if you run by yourself. locally, you can get a cute pink canister at the white elephant.
  • music is my life line. a few current favorites:
  • miike snow, especially burialanimal
  • passion pit: sleepyhead
  • the xx: islands 

(2008 bloomsday,  & why does a guy like that always show up in the picture?)


Marnie said...

wool running socks are fabulous too, especally with new shoes, to prevent blisters. They are magical.
I really want to run bloomsday with you guys.

Darla said...

I've been happy with my Sauconys (or is it "sauconies"?, but I think it's time to actually go into a running store and have them fit my weird feet. Got issues with my right leg that makes me walk all wrong. darn it. thanks for the tips!

One Woman's Thoughts said...

Great tips!
Still figuring out how to eliminate shin splints. Argh!