Monday, April 18, 2011

redwoods and coast!

this year arah & i took the kidlets to visit the redwoods in northern california. becca and the girls met us down there and we made our way back up 101 along the coastline to seattle.

i've been up and down the oregon  and northern californa coastline a ton but still managed to discover some new things. it helps that arah and the crew were more than willing to stop all along the way and check out everything. including a grocery store i worked at over 10 years ago in eugene. it has changed a lot. we got all kinds of lucky the couple of days we decided to check out the forests, the weather was warm and sunny! kind of rare for this time of year.  i love those trees now even more now than i did before. i think age and perspective have something to do with it. those redwood trees- they really are super huge and mind blowing.  note: if you've never seen the jedadiah smith forest, go for the drive down howland hill road, crescent city's best kept secret. a 6 mile stretch of dirt road where you literally reach out and touch the massive trees, along with tons of trails and pulls of too get closer looks. a quote that describes it well: ".. it's just about the least intrusive road you can imagine, so much so that at times you'd almost forget you were on a road if it weren't for the fact that you're driving."

cody said his favorite part was getting to buy his own little redwood tree that he planted in uncle brians yard. we were pretty sure the climate in spokane wouldnt be right for it. and uncle brian won't mind when it takes over his yard when it reaches maturity in 700 years or so.

we checked out a few lighthouses. one in particular, cape blanco we got to climb to the top of. i swear the place was straight out of the movie shutter island. not sure if it was due to the fact that there was a raging storm taking place or what. but it was eerie and unforgettable.

just a handful of pictures: ;)

i live a good life. i'm so thankful cody enjoys seeing this stuff with me and that my family and i are close enough to tolerate each other for that length of time. ;)


Marisa said...

Your combined entourage of children is adorable. Also, cool jellyfish picture.

Marnie said...

How fun. How did the race go?

Forever Young said...

Julie, I must say that the redwoods is by far one of the coolest places I have every been able to visit. On another note... girl you've got a gift with a camera, you and your sis. I have been so impressed with your photo style. Keep it up.

Kaisa Bailey said...

I was hoping you'd do a post on your trip! Those trees are just huge....and breathtaking. Excited for July. There were so many pictures that I loved btw. I just kept thinking, I love that picture, and then there would be more.

Kera said...

this makes me want to go adventuring! you are a fun mama.

Darla said...

Beautiful pics. I sure miss the west coast. Are we way out here (away from fam) FOREVER?!