Tuesday, April 26, 2011

whidbey island half marathon.

at the end of our redwood trip, merv met me in seattle and we headed to whidby island for the half marathon that weekend. i had been looking forward to running one of these for a long time and i was so happy merv agreed to do it with me. i ended up just doing the half instead of the full for 2 reason: 1. because i never could get enough training time in for a full. a good friend warned that it was better to be safe then sorry. (though the thought of running it anyway and possibly loosing a toenail, massive blisters and blowing my knee out all sounded appealing...) and 2. it was my first time running in a marathon. the longest race i've done before this was 7 1/2 miles.  i still have plans to run a full someday though. anyone interested?

running just half turned out to be a good decision: the marathon itself was one of the roughest weather wise in its 10 year stint. cold, cold temperatures along with brutal coastal headwinds pretty much the entire time added nearly 20 minutes to the past average overall finish times.  merv had hardly trained and still came in a good mile ahead of me. i finished around 2:05 and his was about 1:54 or something.  i now have an even huger (is that a word??) respect for the ironman nut jobs.

one thing i would change:  i was completely exhausted by the time i made it to seattle even before we ran. if i had realized that the marathon landed during spring break when i signed up, i think i'm pretty sure i would have looked for a different one to run. training on hotel treadmills at 11pm that whole previous week was pretty rough. that along with not getting tons of sleep. i was completely drained for days after. then running it and literally jumping in the car and driving 6 hour home to get cody to school the next day....uggggg.

oh! ...and the disgusting motel we almost had to sleep in. oh my word. i can not adequately describe it. i wish i would have looked on their website prior to booking. and the website actually shows their finest rooms. ours wasn't quite so nice.  it literally had dark,dirty plywood walls, a concave mattress, one single lamp and it REEKED of smoke. the "kitchenette" looked like it came straight out of a beat up 1975 winnebago. really. i wish i had taken a photo or 2. along with the scary looking permanent tenants living in the room next door. we for real thought we would be better off sleeping in the back of the car. i have no idea why the marathon site listed this place under lodging... thank goodness for last minute cancellations at one of the others.

we stole these from the website which was charging $15 for digital copies. if they were cool pictures, i might consider paying that ridiculous price. instead these will work.
i'm waiting for the phone call any day now from a runners magazine asking if they can publish these. such nice form. i look like i'm about to puke. i was not too fond of the slick wet grass finish line area. it was a little tricky trying to sprint across it without slipping.

doesn't merv look frozen here? he was. all that sweat instantly freezing to your body feels great. he really didn't want me to share these, but they are the only few we took and it might help him understand the importance of plentiful photo taking. :) cody said something really funny when he saw these metals. "what!! you guys won actual medals??! wow! ...wait, did everyone win medals? oh, um...that's still pretty good mom. just not as good."

still, we were both pretty stoked that at least a half marathon is off of the bucket list.


Megan Erickson said...

Cody's comments are hilarious!

DeAnne said...

whoa julie! you are fast! i'm doing the windermere 1/2 in 3 weeks and i am hoping to make it in at 2:30. oi! nice job and you look HOT!!

Darla said...

Woo hoo!! You did it. I would love to run another half with you. And with my crappy knee, I don't even know if I could ever do a half marathon again. But I'm determined. As for a whole..not quite sure about that. Anyway, congrats to both of you. Sorry about the crappy weather, and even crappier hotel!!