Tuesday, May 24, 2011

may randomness.

my thoughts and life are flying faster than i can keep up.. a few things:

1.this movie is so awesome that it makes me want to go visit brazil even more than i did before. need to work on that passport.

2. between the weddings, races, campouts, ragnar, a few weekend getaways, birthdays, anniversary and a family reunion- my summer is just about as jam packed as can be. i like it like that.

3.my sisters and i have been doing a rotating babysitting schedule. it is so wonderful on the weeks when it works out for us all! this is how it works: one day during the week each of us takes turns watching all 3 toddlers: sarah, chloe & lola. it sounds nuts, and it really is- we have one day of sheer chaos!! ...but then, 2 days of a brake to work on things we need to get done. heaven sent.... and helps us all avoid burnout! some day i'll get brave and do a photoshoot of the 3 of them together, but for now... circa 2009..

4.this kid is super hilarious! ...and impossible  to get a picture of. we snapped these on the way to pick cody up from school a couple of weeks ago. she was dying over the lady bug that landed on her top. oh man, her facial expressions...

5. are you a fan of suljan stevens? have you heard the song chicago? i love it, and if you need some running motivation... i love this version of the song. the lyrics? a little questionable. so maybe i wouldn't play it while driving the kids to soccer practice. i really love most everything they of theirs that i play when i'm looking for good running music.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i get to read. in bed.

lola is officially 100% moved into her own room! finally. her junk and toys and clothes have been in her own room for  awhile but now her bed and all- she is officially weaned from our room! our room is once again completely ours. it took a little work and she tried to drag her things back to our room, but we did it. this is a big deal because she turned 2 in february. some people are ok with breastfeeding until their kids start kindergarten, or all sleeping together and having the "family bed",  which i have always been completely against. i can't stand sleeping with my kids in my bed. cuddling is one thing but actually sleeping? and getting any real rest?? with kids??? i do love my kids but good grief...and one of my favorite relaxing-type things to do  is read in bed and have some tea. (merv always chews me out out about it because he says i leave cups of unfinished tea lying all over the house.) but i rarely got to do this with a kid sleeping in my room...anyway, the point of all of this is that i once again get to read in bed at night. with tea if i want. and that makes me pretty happy.
...lola is pretty much obsessed with these jelly shoes. they look just like her cousin brinley's jelly shoes which she is also obsessed with

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


most years we have a big bloomsday crew, but this year it was just merv and i (my cousin heather was going to run with me but ran with some slow pokes a few groups back ;) and merv ran in the corporate cup so it was just my lonesome at the starting line party.  merv kicked my butt as usual. but i still cut some time off my last best time. his was 56? minutes and mine was 66minutes
...at breakfast in the ugly finisher shirts. 
the end.

Friday, May 6, 2011

i do it bright and smart.

cody came home today with my special mothers day poem that he created. nothing like a dose of humility from your own kid. ha! happy early mothers day to me.

here it is, typos and all:

Everyday, anywhere, anyhow my mom is kind.
My mom is not too strict, my mom loves me and every one same.
Never not helpful, very wonderful.

She does it bright and smart,
Clean and healthy, cool and humble,
With me and my sister

I know she gets mad when I don't eat healthy.
And gets mad in the summer breeze
when i don't do my yard work.

My mom nags me to play with my sister
But she's such a sicker with her junk food in tomato soup bowls
Digging into the imagination dirt with her spoons.

My mom is mean sometimes
But my heart forces me to love her with my brain.

love, cody.

photo from 2006ish?