Friday, May 6, 2011

i do it bright and smart.

cody came home today with my special mothers day poem that he created. nothing like a dose of humility from your own kid. ha! happy early mothers day to me.

here it is, typos and all:

Everyday, anywhere, anyhow my mom is kind.
My mom is not too strict, my mom loves me and every one same.
Never not helpful, very wonderful.

She does it bright and smart,
Clean and healthy, cool and humble,
With me and my sister

I know she gets mad when I don't eat healthy.
And gets mad in the summer breeze
when i don't do my yard work.

My mom nags me to play with my sister
But she's such a sicker with her junk food in tomato soup bowls
Digging into the imagination dirt with her spoons.

My mom is mean sometimes
But my heart forces me to love her with my brain.

love, cody.

photo from 2006ish?


Marisa said...


Karen said...

That was awesome...LoveLoveLove it...

Kera said...

i'm pretty impressed with that there poem & i absolutely love the picture. happy mothers day!

Risawn said...

Hah! That was awesome! So Cody!

One Woman's Thoughts said...

Darling poem and awesome photo!

Forever Young said...

I have come to the conclusion that Cody is COOL and I think largely because he has cool parents. Love you Jewels.


jen said...

The last two lines are incredible. That poem deserves a frame. :)

Marisa said...

I had to come back and read it again because I love it so much. The last line is hilarious.

Tashina said...

loved that. love that dress you are wearing in the photo.