Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i get to read. in bed.

lola is officially 100% moved into her own room! finally. her junk and toys and clothes have been in her own room for  awhile but now her bed and all- she is officially weaned from our room! our room is once again completely ours. it took a little work and she tried to drag her things back to our room, but we did it. this is a big deal because she turned 2 in february. some people are ok with breastfeeding until their kids start kindergarten, or all sleeping together and having the "family bed",  which i have always been completely against. i can't stand sleeping with my kids in my bed. cuddling is one thing but actually sleeping? and getting any real rest?? with kids??? i do love my kids but good grief...and one of my favorite relaxing-type things to do  is read in bed and have some tea. (merv always chews me out out about it because he says i leave cups of unfinished tea lying all over the house.) but i rarely got to do this with a kid sleeping in my room...anyway, the point of all of this is that i once again get to read in bed at night. with tea if i want. and that makes me pretty happy.
...lola is pretty much obsessed with these jelly shoes. they look just like her cousin brinley's jelly shoes which she is also obsessed with


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Christy said...

Hip hip hooray! You're nicer than I am- at about 6 months I'm SO ready for the kids to be out of my room.

Darla said...

Sooo nice! I love reading in bed but can only do the tea thing in the winter. Happy day for you! I'm reading "Saigon" right now. VERY GOOD.