Tuesday, May 24, 2011

may randomness.

my thoughts and life are flying faster than i can keep up.. a few things:

1.this movie is so awesome that it makes me want to go visit brazil even more than i did before. need to work on that passport.

2. between the weddings, races, campouts, ragnar, a few weekend getaways, birthdays, anniversary and a family reunion- my summer is just about as jam packed as can be. i like it like that.

3.my sisters and i have been doing a rotating babysitting schedule. it is so wonderful on the weeks when it works out for us all! this is how it works: one day during the week each of us takes turns watching all 3 toddlers: sarah, chloe & lola. it sounds nuts, and it really is- we have one day of sheer chaos!! ...but then, 2 days of a brake to work on things we need to get done. heaven sent.... and helps us all avoid burnout! some day i'll get brave and do a photoshoot of the 3 of them together, but for now... circa 2009..

4.this kid is super hilarious! ...and impossible  to get a picture of. we snapped these on the way to pick cody up from school a couple of weeks ago. she was dying over the lady bug that landed on her top. oh man, her facial expressions...

5. are you a fan of suljan stevens? have you heard the song chicago? i love it, and if you need some running motivation... i love this version of the song. the lyrics? a little questionable. so maybe i wouldn't play it while driving the kids to soccer practice. i really love most everything they of theirs that i play when i'm looking for good running music.

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Darla said...

Always so grateful for the music tips. Hey, do you have any tips for nursing an injured knee? I need some knee strengthening exercises! Haven't been able to run lately..nothing more than 3 or 4 miles. Killing me. Answers?!