Tuesday, June 28, 2011

falls great falls.

merv and i were able to take a long weekend trip down to hood river/multanomah area of the columbia gorge a few weekends ago. we've driven by the area a million times and its gorgeous even from the highway, but if you get the chance, i recommend actually stopping and checking out some of the hidden waterfalls and hikes. most of them are literally just a few miles off of the highway. it was beautiful the entire weekend and we even learned a few new things about one another.

this was when we realized the full water bottle just fell in the water far below. thankfully it was only a 4ish mile hike.
have you heard of this new trend? planking? me either. google it or look it up on you tube.

such beautiful, clean water and green everywhere.
its very hard to tell from the photos because it was so bright out, but all of the white in the photo below is water running off the cliff. you can kind of tell how huge the water fall was by looking at how small merv looks. and he's pretty huge. really though, it was amazing. the falls are all really full this year sue to massive amounts of rain.

this is merv and i relaxing with a little kite surfing after the hike. its pretty popular along the gorge...and we're pretty professional at it. ha!  but some day i think i might be brave enough to try it out.


my sweet sister arah surprised me with a ticket to wicked for mothers day. it was so fun. she got enough people to buy tickets that they were able to get a great group rate. we had a huge group. the last time i saw a live show was phantom with kera. we were both pregnant. i was much fatter and hungrier and remember getting really excited about the snacks during intermission. so this time i brought along plenty to share. they were a hit with the group.
 next time i'll remember to wear my witch get up. it was pretty cool to see a huge hoard of witches all dressed up after the show. :) these lovely ones were nice enough to let me get a shot with them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"...the good times are killing me..."

(....we've seen modest mouse live- 2 times, and they have been so rad both times. that double drummer thing is hard to beat! especially when your married to a drummer.....nice to see them perform in teeny tiny spokane... at a small venue. ;) hence the title...)

the last couple weeks...

we been living it up on fishlake trail lately.
finally the darn weather has chilled out. kind of. running outside is a lot more exciting than a treadmill... however, all of this rain has brought my very unattended yard to life... tonight lola and i meandered around checking out all of the happenings. spokane is a great place to grow succulents i have discovered. every year at the end of the season, i toss out the flower baskets, dirt and all, into the flower beds before putting them in the shed.. and over the years i've accumulated a few patched of succulents around the yard front he flower baskets. i love them. and lola loves to pick them. thankfully they are hearty

these strawberries came back on their own:
..and cody planted these tomatoes.
lilacs are finally blooming.
i found this birdhouse at an estate sale about 5 years ago and had merv hang it in this tree.... and every year a bird family moves in.
raspberries are going nuts.
we have 3 different type of cherry trees in our yard. they were in really bad shape when we moved here. really overgrown and ugly. 2 of them probably still are? i do know that our neighbors were sure to let us know that we pruned them all wrong.. oh well. but one of them is a beautiful bing cherry tree. after years of pruning and shaping, we think it may actually produce edible cherries this year. i love watching it in the evenings. it reminds me of my grandpa brownies yard. don't mind the foot tall dandelions. they are winning the fight this year. lola loves to pick them.
..the previously mentioned yard was neglected this year because we were hard at work on moving cody into his own room, aka, my old ebay office. if you never had the privilege of witnessing this site, you missed out. i really do wish i had at least taken a snap shot of it. it was a site to see. even though time after time, my dear friends, sisters, mom... all helped me organize toss and snap it into shape time and again over the past 6 years, it never was organized. just piles of vintage clothes, shoes, handbags, taxes, paper work, crap from the thrift shop i couldn't live with out but had no place to put, bills, yard sale garb and who knows what else. i'll admit, it looked like an episode of hoarders. i actually mentioned to merv at one point,"holy crap!

should i be on hoarders?" ", mervs response, "ummm....maybe....?".. yikes! the first step is admitting, right? after a complete overhaul and mounds of crap to the dump and goodwill and donating the cute vintage stuff to friends, ( i actually was emotionally attached to some of it...) i now have a small, manageable pile of things worth keeping in nice & clean functional totes and baskets. the relief was so worth it. the rest is in the garage for my neighbors to look at every time we open the garage door. the hideous poo brown desk & shelves that merv wanted to toss? ...we kept for cody to use. just repainted white and added new hardware.
merv loved doing that project for me. actually he did, once it finally came to fruition and he saw it. ;)

..i finally caved and accepted my friends pinterest invitation. good grief. like i need another thing to be addicted too? super duper fun. especially late at night. in bed. from the phone. gah... i'm turning into a stereotype. its given me a ton of motivation though, to change a few things in my house/life etc.

..last thing: brian and becca came over this weekend with the girls. it was so fun. they went to wicked with us, bowling, pizza, a few bbqs, fishlake runs with becca, board games ( my personal fav). such good times. more about all that later...