Tuesday, June 28, 2011

falls great falls.

merv and i were able to take a long weekend trip down to hood river/multanomah area of the columbia gorge a few weekends ago. we've driven by the area a million times and its gorgeous even from the highway, but if you get the chance, i recommend actually stopping and checking out some of the hidden waterfalls and hikes. most of them are literally just a few miles off of the highway. it was beautiful the entire weekend and we even learned a few new things about one another.

this was when we realized the full water bottle just fell in the water far below. thankfully it was only a 4ish mile hike.
have you heard of this new trend? planking? me either. google it or look it up on you tube.

such beautiful, clean water and green everywhere.
its very hard to tell from the photos because it was so bright out, but all of the white in the photo below is water running off the cliff. you can kind of tell how huge the water fall was by looking at how small merv looks. and he's pretty huge. really though, it was amazing. the falls are all really full this year sue to massive amounts of rain.

this is merv and i relaxing with a little kite surfing after the hike. its pretty popular along the gorge...and we're pretty professional at it. ha!  but some day i think i might be brave enough to try it out.

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