Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of july/cody is 9!

this year cody asked if his birthday could be separate from the 4th of july.  it's a little tricky when it lands on the 2nd of july, but we did our best and had a smallish family bbq to celebrate complete with super awesome cupcakes courtesy of aunt arah and the worlds ugliest pinata, courtesy of walmart...merv: "soooo, what am i suppose to hang it from? we don't have any trees that will work."  me: "i don't know, maybe just hold it from a long stick??" nice. and in a side note: oreo cookie snack packs do not make a good pinata stuffer. they turn into cookie crumbs after being beat to pieces. oops.

our holiday weekend was cram packed with relatives visiting, a trip to the lake,  grand coulee dam laser show (....and a stop for a picnic a long the way in davenport and letting the kids play on that super old school playground wonder they don't make that stuff any more...), riverfront park fireworks (complete with all the white trash in spokane) & a drive to indian res. firework stand to stock up with all the best stuff for traditional beach display for seaside trip in a few weeks.  fun start to summer.

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Kera said...

happy birthday cody!