Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ragnar relay northwest passage 2011

(It's super late, and I should be packing for my trip to Seaside, but I have to write about this before it escapes my mind. And I apologize in advance for the cheese factor. It really was incredible though.)

Holy cow, if your into running at all- do your self a favor and consider running the Ragnar Relay Series. The race is close to 200 mile stretch split up over 400ish teams of 12 runners, Starting at the Canadian border and ending on Whidbey Island. I can't describe in words just how awesome this experience was for me. I am a convert for life. When I first set foot in the van, I knew only my sister in law Becca but by the time we crossed the finish line, I felt like I had made life long friends....I ended up running 4 legs of the race when one of our team members was injured. I think I estimated i ran around 19 miles or so. I've never run that many miles in such a short amount of time in my life. All the running mixed with lack of sleep made me so delirious and exhausted that by the time I laid my head down, I slept for 12 hours straight.The last time that happened I think I was about 12.

....and It just so happened to land on my 32nd birthday! Happy birthday to me. It was maybe the best birthday I've ever had in my life. shhhhhh, don't tell my husband.  I actually found another runner who was also celebrating her birthday. ha! (Is it just me or is it super cool to meet other people with your same birthday?)
start line:

waiting for 1st exchange.. cheering sqaud in back.

most of our team:
some other super rad team who had the coolest costumes and theme of the whole race" lord of the ragnar".

waiting to start our night time runs...
its our birthdays: 22 and 32

cheering on our runner!

nothing says leap worthy like a 5am run through some small random town in washington.
lamest team name of all time:"will run for chocolate". i didn't pick it, but i've already decided what i want to be called next year and its a secret.
foggy run
the lines for the bathrooms were always insane!!
just about to cross the finsish line with the team.
some how she actually managed to get chocolate all over her team shirt.

the end.


Marnie said...

good job! This sounds really fun. I would love to do one with you some day. The fog picture is greeat. I would love to run in the fog. What a great birthday for you.

Darla said...

So jealous

julie said...

marnie, i'd love for you to do one with us! and you too darla. ;)