Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 years

(photo taken a few weekends ago on one of our very-rare-these-days date nites.)

while driving home tonight i was reflecting on how both quickly/slowly this 10 year milestone has passed. there have been some major ups and some major downs, heaven knows i have not been the best wife...but we keep trucking along because it is worth it. 100%. just this past week i was able to listen to someone share the story of how merv & i met with someone else. it was cute listening in and i was glad it was my story to be told.

several times over the years we have daydreamed of where we would go to spend our 10 year anniversary: it had to be somewhere so epic and amazing... well, life has put us in a place where that won't happen this year- too many other trips, kids, bad planning, weddings to shoot and merv in the thick of school- but *hopefully* next.. if everything pans out the way we would like. so this year there will be no fireworks, or strolls along the beach, or jets to secluded islands. in fact, merv will be sharing a power point presentation with his peers, and i'll likely be editing photos (unless i can convince my sisters that we should redbox 'soul surfer' and have a girls date nite... merv says it looks cornball.) its not a big deal, and hopefully we can squeeze in a date next week. we don’t exchange gifts anyway (we gave that up a long time ago, because it felt forced and not necessary). i know he loves me.

a few things i've learned along the journey this far:
-things rarely go as you had planned. so it's necessary to stop and breathe along the way and be ready to take a detour or alternate route altogether.
-movies on the couch are really a pretty great date. some of the best we've ever to late night star gazing.
-its a good idea to find a hobby you both enjoy, but also important to maintain your own personal hobbies and not expect the other person to love them as much as you do.
-men and women communicate very, very differently.
-its worth shaving your legs every day.
-late night drives are always a good idea.
-the kids will be grown and gone soon. savor them... however, it's not worth taking kids out to eat for a family date until they are old enough to order for themselves or maybe even older, so might as well just order a pizza and go to the park instead.
-training and running a half marathon is a huge bonding experience. really.
-it's best to always be honest and tell the truth. it eventually comes out anyway. no matter how big or small the issue. even if its just to tell your wife that her stroganof sucks. otherwise you'll be stuck eating it forever.

last year about this time, merv and i started a year long combined project. it came to an end last week. i'm still debating whether i will share it here or not. but it was quite gratifying to stick to it and complete it together.
happy anniversary, merv. i love you immensely. even when i don't say it or show it.


Emily Lyman said...

Congratulations you guys!!

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Darla said...

Happy Anniversary, Julie and Merv! Ten years! I think I need to start thinking up a list of the things I've learned and "what's worked" for us. I'm so curious about this project!! ;)